As we all know, it is the norm to really push the boat out in preparation for the Big Day, whether that is getting some treatments to get rid of those bags under your eyes, joining the gym or even juicing to lose a few pounds to squeeze into a nice white dress or maybe even starting to practise the gentle art of yoga to calm your mind as preparations get that little bit hectic.

This is all good, and we applaud your efforts, we simply wish to add that all of the marvellous activities that you engage in to look your best on your wedding day, need not come to an abrupt end. Real beauty is about looking and feeling good, and much of this will come from the continued practice of the activities and exercises you engage in pre-wedding.

We’re simply suggesting that you play the long game, by keeping an eye on your weight, eating healthy food as often as you can and getting some exercise, whether it’s a daily cycle or a walk – we promise it will pay off.

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