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How To Order Top Kelowna Bakeries Wedding Cakes

Choosing Bakeries in Kelowna Wedding Cakes

With a wedding coming, you can either hire a wedding planner, or you can do the planning yourself. A wedding need not be too lavish for people who are budget constrained. It is important though for the couples need to be involved in the planning of their wedding to suit it to their preferences. Among the essential aspects of a wedding planner is the wedding cake. It is natural for couples to have a themed wedding and fall is one of the best seasons to tie the knot. Thus, you also need to know how to plan for the best fall wedding cakes.


Normally, you can order any cake for the occasion but couples are given various choices in terms of colors, designs and sizes of a wedding cake. Kelowna Bakeries Wedding Cakes suggested ideas for the flavor of the cake that will represent a wedding cake. The cake should have a touch of bright colours like pink, red, orange, and yellow for a sunny look. This colors should, therefore, be used artistically to avoid making the cake look overly colored.

Tips for ordering the best wedding cakes

1. Taste the wedding cake

In the process of wedding arrangement an individual should book a pastry specialist to taste the wedding cake before ordering. At this stage customers are allowed to test excellent cakes, survey portfolios and make inquires.

2. Select a style

All cakes are different and contains various decorations depending on the occasions. The cake ordered should be matching with the decorations done for the wedding ceremony. This decorations should be compatible with your ideas and the season.

3. Size it up

An individual should decide the size of a wedding cake depending on the guests attending the occasion.

4. Fixing the price 

Charges are very different from one bakery to another. For a wedding ceremony, an individual should do research on different bakeries to identify their various price tags. All individuals will be aiming to minimize the cost but they should be careful not to skimp on the quality.

5. Don’t overspend on unnecessary items

An Individual should not be tempted to spend on particular unnecessary items recommended by the cake supplier. You should stick to your budget to avoid unnecessary spending.

6. Look at the sky

It essential for an individuals to keep their eyes on the weather before ordering a wedding cake. If you are planning a Wedding ceremony on summer, then avoid things like meringue and whipped cream because they will melt due to heat.

7. Don’t make a copy of things from magazines

If you have been impressed with various cake designs from magazines, just lower your expectations. This designs are mostly photoshoot done by professional artists, who use things which are not edible to make their wedding cakes attractive.

In conclusion, you should order cakes from reputable wedding cake makers, or you can make your recipe. Couples should be involved in the planning of their wedding cakes to ensure its creativity and perfection. A wedding cake can, therefore, be ordered from a local bakery or an individual can make a choice of ordering baking online.



Amazing Modern Rings at your Grasp – Discount Codes

It was back in the 2013, when two friends who were meeting regularly decided to put an end to the nightmare men experience with wedding rings. They passionately loved their wives, but also fiercely hated their wedding rings. Thus, they begin to search for metal rings replacement that were easier to wear, safer and would enable them to perform a wider range of activities and sports. Their search was futile.

This is how was born. This new company, whose values are QALO – quality, athletics, love & outdoors – comes to meet the needs of young, enthusiastic married couples who need high-quality rings that would allow them to move freely and practice their favorite sports. More specifically, QALO rings enable you to go to gym, go hiking, swim or even do whitewater rafting without experiencing the fear of losing or damaging your wedding ring.

Most rings you will find on are made of high-quality silicone and have a very long lifespan. They are also extremely easy to put on and take off. Best of all, they come in a wide range of sizes, models and patterns, so they can meet a wide variety of tastes.

What does Sells? is an innovative company that sells only the best silicone rings for both men and women. Their rings come as a replacement for traditional wedding rings and are meant to provide couples with the benefits and freedom that comes by wearing silicone bands.

The rings you find on this platform are not your regular silicone bands. They are specially treated to provide increased comfort, extreme durability, and to be non-conductive and non-porous. These bands are also temperature tolerant and very safe to use during any activity, from regular workouts to swimming and hiking.

On the site, you can easily navigate through he page to find your desires product. As a guy, you will only be able to purchase silicone rings. However, as a woman, you will be able to build your own stack and add more rings. This feature is very useful for women who are keen on making gifts that include a silicone ring to their best friends.

Why is Qalo Considered an Innovative Company?

Qalo is not your average silicone band seller. This unique shop is based on an innovative idea that married couples need something light and easy when practicing their favorite sport. Whether it’s jogging, swimming, exercising, whitewater rafting, hiking or even rock climbing, both men and women need to wear silicone bands instead of engagement rings.

The vast collection of silicone rings available on keeps growing by the day, and the rings become more beautiful with every new release. With so many intricate designs, it is easy to find a suitable ring for you and your loved spouse.

Get the Best Deals on is a great place to shop, especially if you want to get more than one silicone ring. To help you save money, we recommend you enter Coupon Cause to find the most recent deals on this store. One of the best Qalo coupon codes on the site at the moment is $20 Off Your First $50 Order, use the coupon First25 code and buy your favorite rings at a discounted price.

A Guide To A Rustic Wedding Reception

A rustic wedding reception can be one of the most memorable events of your lifetime. You and your guests will immensely enjoy the natural environment, freshness, and the scenery.

But there is a catch:

To hack your countryside reception, ensure you plan well. From venue location, scheduling of meals, and all the involved logistics, planning is key.


The following are the steps to follow when planning:

1. Hire a wedding planner

One way to make your planning easier is to hire a wedding planner.  Normally, good wedding planners are loaded with experience on the best sites, budget issues, perfect time planning and many other factors relating to these events.

A planner can help you to save time and costs in addition to acting as a link between you and the locals- who can be instrumental in your overall success.

2. Determine the possible budget

Assuming you have a set wedding date already, the budget is an essential factor in determining in early stages. Consider the overall costs to be involved. Costs may include transport, meals and drinks, venue fee in case it is hired, entertainment and any other essential items-bought or hired.

Before coming up with a budget, ensure you have an estimate of the expected guests.

3. Will wedding and reception venues different?

You need to decide on various issues concerning the reception event. Typically, you can have a wedding in a church and then proceed to have a reception outdoors in a planned countryside area.

Alternatively, all the wedding activities can be held at the reception venue in the county side. In consultation with your wedding planner, choose the best option.

4. Seating and shelter arrangement

Undoubtedly, the reception will be held outdoors in this case. However, there will be a need for shading from the harsh weather conditions and for decency purposes. You will need to hire tents and chairs and then have them arranged neatly.

Some venues are hired out already set up so they may simplify tasks though you still need to decide on the seating arrangement for strategic reasons. For instance, you wouldn’t like to see your parents and other close family members distributed all over.

But again, the seating arrangement doesn’t have to be fixed. Allow flexibility and aim at enabling smooth interactions among all the guests.

5. Reception menu

In this step, hiring the services of a catering company is a must. For most people, food is a crucial element in any reception.

Therefore the wedding planners and the caterer will help you in food selection. Consider providing a special meal that will live in your guests’ memory. Also try to interact with your guests beforehand to know if they are allergic to any foods. Such information will help you budget for alternative meal.

Obviously, you have to share all this information with your caterer.

Other planning questions

Other questions you need to answer include;

  • Who will be the master of ceremony?
  • What kind(s) of entertainment will you have at the reception and who will be responsible?
  • How many vehicles are needed for transport to and from the reception?


With good plans, you are guaranteed a successful rustic wedding reception.

Services of a reputable wedding planner will boost your planning and probably make your event exceptional.

Fun ideas to Make Your Wedding Reception a Hit

The main purpose of a wedding reception is to celebrate your union with friends and family. It is a chance to give thanks to all who took their time to attend the wedding ceremony and witness your marriage to the one you love. It has been noted that receptions have a routine which has been followed traditionally from time to time. It may start with a cocktail, eating the main meal, dancing and lastly having some dessert. Others prefer to continue with the dance after that, but guests may leave at their pleasure at this stage. To make yours more than just a normal reception, here are points that are sure to add glamor and flavor to the whole experience.

Find Your Perfect Photobooth

Photo booth hire is a wonderful suggestion for any wedding event reception considering that it will certainly provide bunches of fun, get individuals mingling and will certainly offer the visitors with memories for the day to take the house with them. Remember to maintain the above ideas in mind, as well as remember that photo booths are not merely great for weddings yet could likewise be ideal for other events like corporate celebrations and also wedding celebrations. We recommend checking out our tips when hiring a Photo booth Rental Company in San Diego.

Buffet Is the Way

The buffet option is the best and cheapest option when it comes to wedding party food. Not only can you offer delicious foods that are very inexpensive, but you can offer a wider selection of choices too; which will be all the more appreciated by your guests.

A reception outfit

Do not arrive at your reception dressed in the same attire that you wore during the wedding ceremony; it is lack of creativity that gives birth to monotony. Surprise your guests with a cutthroat business suit or a sleek and sexy dinner dress. Let everyone know which person is the most valued at the event. Damping the gown will also give you the much-needed freedom to move around and interact with your guests.

Hire a DJ

Music is food for the soul. It is also a great source of entertainment for your guest while you are still at large. Hiring an experienced DJ will ensure that a good mix of songs is played to certify everyone’s needs. Guests can request various tunes to which they can dance. While you may opt for your favorite band instead, remember that not everyone shares your taste of music and therefore a DJ will be a better option.

A stylish cocktail

Never allow anything to compromise the cocktail session. It should be both elegant and sophisticated. It’s at this juncture that you may do your first dance, and it is good. For the drinks, include concoctions of the best spirits and mature wine. However, care should be taken since people may overindulge and cause commotions. If children are allowed in the reception, it’s good to at this point move them to a different place or room where they may continue partying to avoid underage drinking.

Dessert Fun

Dessert should be light and full of fun. Try some cake and Champaign. It’s fine if others have their dessert while dancing. This is also an opportunity for your guest to get to know each other.

The Emcee

Choose an entertainer who is both creative and well versed in various aspects of public interest. The master of the ceremony can keep guests busy and entertained in case the music system fails.

Wedding Merchant Review: My Wedding Favors

My Wedding Favors is a shop for diverse and unique wedding favors, which will match your style whenever you need a good quality. For the buyers, My Wedding Favors has always been the best place to get affordable prices especially on a large selection of inexpensive, fun, and personalized wedding. Most buyers prefer them since they offer cheap wedding favors that makes them among the best in the market today especially for the buyers who need that excellent quality. When you visit them, you will appreciate the unique selection of these cheap and classic wedding favors that would match your needs.

With their wedding favors, they will help you in making unique wedding favors thus enjoying your big day to stand out from others at the same time making people remember the celebrations. In addition, they have Personalized Favors. With the Personalized wedding favors, you will find creative ways of making sure that you can what will match the theme of your wedding. You will save money with My Wedding Favors coupons since they will enable you to buy at the best prices at the market today.

What are the Pros of My Wedding Favors?

When you are busy planning your big wedding, My Wedding Favors will offer you an opportunity to get the best deals by enjoying some of the lowest prices that the market offers. That is why My Wedding Favors has been guaranteeing people the lowest and affordable prices with 100 percent Price Protection whenever you make the purchases.

My Wedding Favors has been attracting more buyers since they understand that many people want to do memorable weddings. The company belief is every little thing – such as favor, a simple and a gesture that will make you enjoy yourself. If you want your guests to celebrate themselves in personal style, modern to classic, from elegant to unique, and beyond, My Wedding Favors should be your preferred place.

What are the Cons?

Most prices at My Wedding Favors often comes when you have a history of purchase. The more you buy, the lower the prices that you will pay. Sometimes, you might not get what you actually need.