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Bridal Party Robes Fabrics

Which Fabric is Best For Your Robes?

Bathrobes are very useful when it comes to comfort and water absorbency. Just think about walking around your home and still feeling that you’re in bed. That’s what a bathrobe can do – it can make you feel soft, warm, and fuzzy inside.

There are many kinds of fabrics used in making bathrobes. They have different uses and have different water absorbencies. When looking for a bathrobe, you should first know what you want to use it for because a bathrobe that functions as a towel is surely the worst choice for lounging around. Knowing the different bathrobe fabrics will help you buy a robe that suits your preferences and needs.


Probably the most common fabric for bathrobes, cotton absorbs water very well. It is the perfect fabric for a shower or a sauna. There are two categories of cotton, namely, low-medium grade cotton and high-grade cotton. Low-medium grade cotton is for mass production. They are usually blended with another cotton so that it is cheaper. On the other hand, high-grade cotton uses either Egyptian or Turkish cotton. These kinds of cotton were already used decades ago for bathrobes by the royalty. A type of high-grade cotton is Cotton Terry which is often used in five-star hotels. They are very water-absorbent; however, they shrink with repeated use unless they are mixed with a pre-shrunk material or polyester.

One other bathrobe made of 100% cotton is called the cotton waffle. Taken from its name, this bathrobe has a checkered pattern. Like cotton terry, it is also good to use in showers and spas.

Another type of high-grade cotton is cotton velour. This has a velvety texture and should not be used as a bath towel. Because of its thickness and heaviness, it is best worn on cold nights during the winter. It is soft to the touch because it is made up of 80% cotton.

Silk and Satin

If there are robes for the winter, there are also robes for the summer. Silk and satin robes are light and are thinner than cotton robes. They have a cooler feel to the skin and because they are light, more air can surround your body. However, this is not recommended for use after taking a shower. For one, it’s not water-absorbent. Second is that it absorbs a lot of moisture.


Thanks to technology, bathrobes now have finer threads than silk. This is called microfiber. It is at least 1/4 thinner than hair and is often used in luxurious places. Because of its thinness, it is very light to wear and breezy on the skin. But unlike satin and silk, microfiber can be very water-absorbent. Fibers can be looped with each other so that it can absorb water a lot more.


Last but not the least is cashmere. Cashmere robes for bridal party robes use fibers that come from animals during their molting seasons (this is when they naturally shed hair). This type of fabric is the most expensive of them all and it varies more in price depending on the quality. Cashmere is often used as loungewear than robes.

5 Wedding Gifts that You Must Avoid Giving

The list of the best wedding presents is very long but what about the gifts that must not be given? Did anyone bother to check the list? If you did, then, you will find out that there are items that will never give joy to the receiver. Pretending to like what you hate is a great hurdle so it is better to avoid these gifts that can make the bride and groom force a smile on their faces even if they are so disappointed.

  1. Baby things

Some wedding guests think those baby things will be useful for the couple and so they give these as a wedding present. But this might still be too early to prepare for the coming of a baby unless one is coming soon. The insinuation of the gift can bring embarrassment to the couple. If you were the newlyweds, such a gift might not sit well with the occasion.

  1. Perishable Goods

You might be thinking about providing the couple with something to eat such as a food basket or something to nurture such as a potted plant. But if the couple has planned for a long honeymoon, chances are the food will not be suitable to eat when they return and the potted plant too wilted to live. Apparently, these wedding gifts are a waste of money.

  1. Appliances

You might think that appliances will bring joy to the couple because they will not have to buy anything at all when they start their life under one roof. But what would happen if the couple receives 5 coffeemakers, 5 blenders, 5 portable ovens, and 5 juicers? They will not be able to use all of them all at once. Chances are the gift you gave may end up in a storeroom waiting for the time when the one that they are using breaks. In some cases, one or two can be used to give as a wedding present to another friend’s nuptials.

  1. Dining utensils

Buying a dozen spoons and forks for a wedding gift, unless they are of high quality, might not be an excellent idea. This is one of the common gift items that wedding guests buy. If ten guests give the couple a dozen of for and spoons, they will end up storing away some of them. As a newlywed, they just need a dozen or two of these things or book them a wedding photographer in Houston as the grand gift.

  1. Re-gifts

This means giving something that was given to you as a gift but which you do not like or want to have. The recipient will get the feeling that what you have given to them is one of the things that is gathering dust in your storage room or in the closet. If you are not careful in inspecting the item before you rewrap it, you might leave out a note that was written for you along with the gift. You can resell what you have stored for years in a garage sale but never give it as a gift to somebody else.

If you are tired of thinking what gift to give that will please the couple, why not give them cash instead? They can use this to buy what they really want or need as they start their new lives as husband and wife.