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What are Common Compositions for Wedding Photography?

Increase in the expectation has been seen over the years from wedding photography. For every couple, wedding album is a cherished possession that they like to share with their children and grand children. It is the responsibility of the wedding photographer to click each and every moment beautifully. Excellent portrait must be delivered on the occasion too. In spite of time crunch, photographers are expected to bring their creativity within the composition of image. For the best possible photos, lighting condition of ideal nature may not be found. So, desired level of expectation can be met with diverse and unique compositions only.

Followings are used as common compositions for wedding photography sources from Houston Wedding Photographer. Issues related to the photography rules may not be considered on the occasion. Restrictions are faced due to these rules. Thoughts may be used as a guide for the images. In this way, creativity and vision can be added to the image naturally.

  • Symmetry

Scene can be encountered where a near perfect symmetry can be observed with the background. It can be considered one of the most effective compositions. Shift in the angle can misbalance the image completely. Therefore, it may be important to stay careful at the time. To maintain balance, lens must be used as a guide. Utilization of the focal points can be noticed at the time too. Subjects should pose in a symmetrical manner at the same time.

  • Reflections

Using reflection with the assistance from a table, mirror or a water puddle, good effect in the wedding photography can be developed. The images can be made more creative in this fashion too.

  • Rows

Lots of rows can be seen in a wedding. Therefore, you can take advantage of the situation for a perfect click. Bridesmaid’s row or reception table can be given focus in the process. Beer bottles or bouquets may be found on the shooting line also. Interesting composition can be developed with the process.

By focusing on a sign, person or an object, it is possible to highlight a significant part of a wedding. Image can be used to show where the couple is concentrating on. However, you can take the subject in the focus and blur others at the time of a click also.

Subjects can be shot through different kinds of objects to bring out the uniqueness of an image. In the process, subject can be observed in a certain environment. Level of intimacy can be added to the image also as the click is made from a hidden location with an intent of spying.

  • Wide Shots

Beauty of a wedding location can be captured with a wide shot. In this way, a beautiful sunrise or sunset can be captured. Grandeur of an event can be established with the process.

  • Frames

Balance in a composition can be maintained through its frame. Windows, archway or mirrors can be used to create these frames. In this way, a well planned composition can be made.

  • Close-ups

Close-ups are certainly an important part of wedding photography as it helps to observe the expression of bride and groom clearly. Through the glow in their face, entire composition can be illuminated.