It was back in the 2013, when two friends who were meeting regularly decided to put an end to the nightmare men experience with wedding rings. They passionately loved their wives, but also fiercely hated their wedding rings. Thus, they begin to search for metal rings replacement that were easier to wear, safer and would enable them to perform a wider range of activities and sports. Their search was futile.

This is how was born. This new company, whose values are QALO – quality, athletics, love & outdoors – comes to meet the needs of young, enthusiastic married couples who need high-quality rings that would allow them to move freely and practice their favorite sports. More specifically, QALO rings enable you to go to gym, go hiking, swim or even do whitewater rafting without experiencing the fear of losing or damaging your wedding ring.

Most rings you will find on are made of high-quality silicone and have a very long lifespan. They are also extremely easy to put on and take off. Best of all, they come in a wide range of sizes, models and patterns, so they can meet a wide variety of tastes.

What does Sells? is an innovative company that sells only the best silicone rings for both men and women. Their rings come as a replacement for traditional wedding rings and are meant to provide couples with the benefits and freedom that comes by wearing silicone bands.

The rings you find on this platform are not your regular silicone bands. They are specially treated to provide increased comfort, extreme durability, and to be non-conductive and non-porous. These bands are also temperature tolerant and very safe to use during any activity, from regular workouts to swimming and hiking.

On the site, you can easily navigate through he page to find your desires product. As a guy, you will only be able to purchase silicone rings. However, as a woman, you will be able to build your own stack and add more rings. This feature is very useful for women who are keen on making gifts that include a silicone ring to their best friends.

Why is Qalo Considered an Innovative Company?

Qalo is not your average silicone band seller. This unique shop is based on an innovative idea that married couples need something light and easy when practicing their favorite sport. Whether it’s jogging, swimming, exercising, whitewater rafting, hiking or even rock climbing, both men and women need to wear silicone bands instead of engagement rings.

The vast collection of silicone rings available on keeps growing by the day, and the rings become more beautiful with every new release. With so many intricate designs, it is easy to find a suitable ring for you and your loved spouse.

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