A rustic wedding reception can be one of the most memorable events of your lifetime. You and your guests will immensely enjoy the natural environment, freshness, and the scenery.

But there is a catch:

To hack your countryside reception, ensure you plan well. From venue location, scheduling of meals, and all the involved logistics, planning is key.


The following are the steps to follow when planning:

1. Hire a wedding planner

One way to make your planning easier is to hire a wedding planner.  Normally, good wedding planners are loaded with experience on the best sites, budget issues, perfect time planning and many other factors relating to these events.

A planner can help you to save time and costs in addition to acting as a link between you and the locals- who can be instrumental in your overall success.

2. Determine the possible budget

Assuming you have a set wedding date already, the budget is an essential factor in determining in early stages. Consider the overall costs to be involved. Costs may include transport, meals and drinks, venue fee in case it is hired, entertainment and any other essential items-bought or hired.

Before coming up with a budget, ensure you have an estimate of the expected guests.

3. Will wedding and reception venues different?

You need to decide on various issues concerning the reception event. Typically, you can have a wedding in a church and then proceed to have a reception outdoors in a planned countryside area.

Alternatively, all the wedding activities can be held at the reception venue in the county side. In consultation with your wedding planner, choose the best option.

4. Seating and shelter arrangement

Undoubtedly, the reception will be held outdoors in this case. However, there will be a need for shading from the harsh weather conditions and for decency purposes. You will need to hire tents and chairs and then have them arranged neatly.

Some venues are hired out already set up so they may simplify tasks though you still need to decide on the seating arrangement for strategic reasons. For instance, you wouldn’t like to see your parents and other close family members distributed all over.

But again, the seating arrangement doesn’t have to be fixed. Allow flexibility and aim at enabling smooth interactions among all the guests.

5. Reception menu

In this step, hiring the services of a catering company is a must. For most people, food is a crucial element in any reception.

Therefore the wedding planners and the caterer will help you in food selection. Consider providing a special meal that will live in your guests’ memory. Also try to interact with your guests beforehand to know if they are allergic to any foods. Such information will help you budget for alternative meal.

Obviously, you have to share all this information with your caterer.

Other planning questions

Other questions you need to answer include;

  • Who will be the master of ceremony?
  • What kind(s) of entertainment will you have at the reception and who will be responsible?
  • How many vehicles are needed for transport to and from the reception?


With good plans, you are guaranteed a successful rustic wedding reception.

Services of a reputable wedding planner will boost your planning and probably make your event exceptional.