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Winter is a very romantic time to get married. Moreover, celebrating Christmas along with getting married is all so exciting. The wedding theme designed at this time can be very romantic and innovative too. There are lots of winter wedding themes that can be thought about at this time. A wedding venue along with soft gentle pure snow falling outside gives a feeling of being in a wonderland.

Winter Wonderland Wedding Dresses for the Bride and the Groom

Creating a winter wonderland wedding theme is a very innovative task. The icy winter day, with decorations made of ice crystals, is just too beautiful to put in words. The possibilities of a snow white decor are just too much. Snow white table cloths, snow sculptures with silver, blue glitter lining etc are just a few to mention.

The wedding dress should be selected that matches with the venue decor. Below are some dress ideas for the bride and the groom that match with the winter wonderland wedding theme.

Bride's Attire

Winter Wonderland Wedding Dresses-Winter Wedding Dresses

  • The bride can look sparkling in white. White flower-patterned design all over her wedding gown will give a very classy fairy tale kind of look.
  • Along with such a style of wedding dress, crystal or diamond jewelry can be worn.
  • The ornaments can be cut into the snow flake shape.
  • For the material of the wedding attire, thick satin or velvet can be used. Since the wedding is at winter, the fabric of the cloth is very important. Velvet dresses are made of heavy original silk, which will keep warm and give style also.
  • Carrying a faux fur is very essential, if you don't want to shiver in the cold weather. Other fur accessories can be tried out too.
  • A faux fur cap, cloaks, and wedding dress with fur collars will look very good .
  • Elegant white designer hat can be worn. It will add to the traditional look.
  • A crown is advised instead of a long veil as the long veil may get dirty in the snow. Moreover, the veil is difficult to maintain in the winter season.

Groom's Attire

  • Even the groom can use lots of color shades, beating the traditional black tux, which is usually worn.
  • Shades of white, icy blue, or silver can be used. A full glittering snow white tie having a silver lining can be worn with the white tux. This is a perfect prince attire.

Winter Wonderland Wedding Dresses for Bridesmaid

For the bridesmaid, there are lots of options but be sure that the bridesmaid dress will accessorize the dress on the bride and not overshadow it. Some tips regarding the bridesmaid dress are as follows.

  • Icy blue gown designed with blue glitter will surely look very good.
  • The grayish silver color is the color of a snowstorm. So, that can also be used for the gown color.
  • Winter will be obviously be very cold, so if the dress is not comfortable, then one will not be able to enjoy the wedding. Sleeves can be bell shaped with fur lining; it will look good and keep warm too.
  • Fur muffs can be carried instead of flowers. The muffs can have flowers decorated on them or may have floral accessories.

Winter is the best season to experiment with colors. If you are an unconventional bride, you could put away the white and use colors like red, blue, silver, ivory, etc. You could also contrast these beautifully in your white wedding gown. Another idea is to use embroidery and embellishments of these colors. You could use any other color of your choice apart from these.

You could have a full sleeves wedding gown for your winter wedding. It would give you a Victorian era look. If you do not want full sleeves, you can opt for half sleeves, sleeveless or a strapless wedding gown. However, it is essential that you drape a stole or shawl around your neck to keep you warm. If you have a half sleeves wedding gown, you can match it with long hand gloves till the elbows. This has a style in itself and the gloves also help you to keep warm.

Make sure your shoes are also fuller and cover most of your foot. This is essential if you do not want to shiver. You can afford to use heavy materials for your wedding dress in winters. You could use silk, satin, or any other thick material. This also helps you keep warm and these materials look rich and elegant. Embroidery and embellishments done on silk fabric also look very beautiful.

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