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Wedding photos are captured to provide an everlasting treasure of happy memories. A photo does not only limit itself to clicking a button and having the shutter open and close. There are lots of techniques to make your wedding photos special. Let's look at some of them.

Outdoor Winter Wedding Photos Ideas

Wintere Wedding Photos- Outdoor Winter Wedding Photos

  • Do not trap yourself to the indoors. It's chilly out, but try getting some outdoor snaps. Just take a fur wrap and go out. Get engrossed in the beautiful snowfall with your love.

  • If your wedding is at evening time, a sunset looks great on the snow cover. You can ask your photographer for a lovely background location for your snaps.

  • Try getting snaps while you are in action. Pre-decided poses for photographs are very old fashioned.

  • If you are having a Christmas theme, then take snaps standing near a tree to match with the Christmas color scheme.

  • If you are having a wonderland wedding theme, then a snow white background matching the bride's gown and jewels will look stunning.

  • For sporting couples, snaps of skiing on ice are really thrilling. For this, you must have the appropriate locations and an experienced photographer.

  • Snowfall in the evening with a full moon background - there cannot be a better romantic pose than this one.

  • Both the love birds can create a snowman and take snaps with it.

  • Newly weds playing in the snow with the bridesmaids running round - these are some moments you can enjoy and capture too.

  • Photos taken in front of a small Christmas tree with snow falling at the back is incomparable.

  • Let her wedding gown blow in the wind and let the flower bouquet be in her hand - Don't miss this snap.

  • Lift the bride high and let wind blow her hair on her face. This pose for the photo will be just incomparable.

  • Mountains and open grasslands in front of it; wind blowing and the couple looking at each other with that eternal love in their eyes. Create such special moments; take your flights of imagination into reality.

Indoor Winter Wedding Photos Ideas

Indoor Winter Wedding Photos- Winter Wedding Photos

  • Standing in front of a grand fire place in a grand hotel lobby is a good indoor location for the photo session.

  • After you kiss the bride, pick her up, and ask the photographer to be ready for that perfect moment.

  • The expression of that first dance, it's better than the usual dancing poses. For the snaps, get an experienced photographer, who can actually make the photos talk.

  • Use dramatic lights for your indoor locations. Capture a close up for the indoor photography and make the moments unforgettable.

  • Tell your photographer to wait for that moment after the first kiss. It's a moment which will last only for a few moments and give you moments to cherish for a life time.

Hire a professional wedding photographer and do not think about budget when it comes to photography. Expenses for photography can be the second largest after your wedding dress. Do some proper research and choose the best wedding photographer who has had many years of experience to his kitty. Going for a photographer just because your friend suggested him may result in a disastrous wedding album. So, better be prepared to spend more and get the wedding photography right rather than to regret for not capturing the most treasured memories. Arrange for a studio session if required and choose one photographer who can capture the right moments at the right time. Photography in winter is an art by itself and only professionals with years of experience can help you the best.

There are though many options for the photo locations, but the key idea lies in creativity. Think of the romance, when you think of your bride/groom and you will get ample ideas to capture those moments. Plan with your photographer regarding how the various ideas of the wedding photos.

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