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Doing uncommon things is the first step to become unique. Surely, everyone takes his or her life partner as the best in the world. Hundreds of weddings take place in his world daily but for you, your wedding is the most special. To make it even better, wed in the most unique way. Here are some unique wedding vows.

Traditionally, vows were meant to make promises to each other and keep the promise for whole life. A wedding vow is an announcement of love towards each other that takes place publically during the wedding ceremony of the couple. The couple could follow traditional wedding vows or could make their own wedding vows, which are unique.

Many couples prefer to take the chance of writing their own wedding vows, but they are not aware about how to write it. Vows must consist of the words that describe your relationship the best. The wedding vows should also have a glance on the future with each other, and duties towards each other. They can include how your life could change after you tie the wedding knot. Remember, wedding vows should last for 2-3 minutes only.

To be unique, it is not actually needed to bring the things from somewhere out of this world. You just have to present the things in a unique way. All the wedding vows you have been hearing for long can be presented in a unique style with some romantic and loving words. Here are some examples for you.

Sample vow #1: I, (your name), take you, (your spouse's name), propose you to be my friend, my lover, my wife/husband and the father/mother of my future children. I will be yours in times of want and in the times of plenty, in health and sickness, in joy and in sorrows, in success and in failure. I promise to treasure you, pamper you, love you and honor you and to protect you from any problem. I promise to be with you in all eternity.

Sample Vow #2: I, (your name) choose you (your spouse's name) to be my wedded husband/wife. I promise to value you in your successes and in failures, to take care of you in sickness and in health, to nurture you, and to grow with you throughout the seasons of life.

Sample Vow #3: I, (your name), take you, (name of your spouse), to be my life partner, loving what I know of you, accepting you the way you are and trusting what I do not so far. I willingly await the chance to grow together, getting to know the man/lady you will become, and falling in love with you a little more than the previous day. I promise to love and esteem you throughout the life whatever our luck brings to us.

After this ritual of saying the vow, both bride and the groom can say their own unique vows for one another.

Sample Unique Vow #1: (Name of the partner), you are my first and the last love, thus, here before God and this assembly, I propose you to be my wedded wife. I promise to keep you always happy, healthy and wealthy and I will encourage you to achieve your goals of life. I will help you, support you, understand you, care for you and protect you from any problem in life. Before God and Father, I vow to keep all these promises as long as we both shall live.

Sample Unique Vow #2: (Name of the partner), my love, I here propose you to be my other half for lifetime. I promise that I will be caring, honest, loving, understanding and protecting to you. I shall support you in awful times and make you smile and I shall share your bliss in cheerful moments. I shall never let you be sad and shall never leave you alone. I pray to God to help me to keep all these promises as long as my heartbeats are.

These are some cutest unique wedding vows for you. Your feeling in the vows will intensify the charm and uniqueness of these wedding vows.

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