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Cute Wedding Vows

Each and every preparation for the day of wedding is done in a very special way. A person spends thousands of bucks for the preparations of marriage and it is worth, as the day of wedding is special for everyone. You can intensify the glory of these moments with some cute wedding vows.

Not just the decoration and the arrangement bring charm in a wedding celebration; you can make the day special by doing small things too. Your wedding vow is a very important thing for a marriage as this is your commitment to your partner for a good and blooming relationship. You should go for the same traditional wedding vows. Here we have helped you with a great collection of wedding vows for you.

Vow #1: I pledge to you to love you above all others and to value this relationship as a precious gift of Lord Jesus. I look forward to you for raising our family and building our connection. I (your name) promise to stand beside you, in times of prospers and decline, in sickness or health, in peace and in havoc, as long as we both shall live.

Vow #2: Today I am marrying the friend of my life, the one who has made best love to me, with whom I want to live my life, dream and to accomplish them I (your name) take you to be my life partner/wife/husband. From today onwards, I will attach importance to you; I will look with joy down the path for our future knowing you will walk with me hand in hand and heart with heart.

Vow #3: I (your name) take you, (name of your spouse) to be my life partner. I promise to have and to hold from this day forward. I give to you my unending love and devotion. I promise to be truthful to you, to value you, and to share my hopes, thoughts and to watch dreams with you. I look up to you to you to spend rest of our lives together and grow old with one other.

Vow #4: I (your name) take you (name of your spouse) to be my wedded life partner. I want to share each and every moment of my life with you living and growing old together. I want to make you part of my thoughts, dreams and every imagination. I promise to understand your feelings and views and I will always be honest to you.

Vow #5: In the presence of our family members and beloved friends, I, (your name) take you, (name of your partner) to be my wife/husband/life partner. From today onwards, my life, my every heartbeat will be yours. You will keep the same right about my life as I do. You will be a part of me as my flesh and I shall never leave you apart. I will be truthful to you and will always respect you. I promise before God to keep these vows till my last breath.

Some Ideas to Write Cute Wedding Vows

You can write your own vows which sound cute and romantic without the use of poetic or flowery language. You need not be a poet for this or even a very creative person; you just have to express yourself, your love and feelings for your partner in a very natural way. Just make sure that you don't take any ideas as they are, modify them to reflect the uniqueness of your relationship. Every relationship is unique in its own way, so it would be very romantic and cute if you can let this uniqueness reflect in your vows. These vows will become automatically romantic if your words are real and feelings are genuine.

Your vows will be appreciated by everyone if you would be very specific to your relationship with your partner and show the love and commitment for your partner. It is not advisable to lift ideas which may not be entirely specific to your relationship. You can write your vows by yourself in very simple language and simple words said genuinely have a greater effect than poems. You can use a poem if you feel it might suit you and your partner. You can also make the vows entertaining by quoting incidents which were important for your ever-lasting relationship.

If you think giving space to one another is the most important factor that sets your relationship apart from the others, then go ahead and flaunt it. You can say this in short and simple words which would make many of your guests to dab their eyes. You can decide a common starting point and ask your partner to write the other side of the vows separately. This results in surprising each other by expressing your love and feelings in a new way.

So, just a little time spent on research will give you plenty of ideas for cute vows which may make the highlight of your wedding, exchange of vows, all the more special. It is important to plan your vows in advance to make your partner feel special. Your loved ones and guests also want to see the love and commitment you both have for each other.

These are some cute wedding vows, you can use for your wedding. Your loving partner will be amazed to hear such lovely wedding vows. These vows will declare the purity and firmness of your love to your partner. Your feelings with the vows will be the spice of the recipe.

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