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Writing wedding vows is a matter of art and if a woman is writing wedding vows, she is always brilliant at filling the vow with feelings and loving words. For those, who need guidance or a base for writing wedding vows or do not have sufficient time for writing the vows, here are some wedding vows for bride to use.

  1. Before God and our friends and relatives as witnesses, who has given us the gift of their love and guidance to us, I (your Name), join with you, (spouse's Name), in the covenant of wedding. I shall be a loving, caring and honoring wife to you. I vow to give you my faithful, uplifting love and to share my life with you, as long as we both shall live. May we lead you each other to the brightest sides of our lives.

  2. I (your name) promise to be a strong sacred leader for us in our lives, for well, for poor, in sickness and health, in ecstasy and in grief, until death parts us. I promise to give you all that I have, my love as well as myself. With this ring, I seal my pledge of being in love with you, and pray to God to fulfill our home with the blessing of God Jesus and the holy spirit of His name.

  3. I, (your name), take you, ( your spouse's name), to be my lawfully wedded husband; to have and to hold, from this day forward, for worse, for better, for poorer, for richer, in sickness and in health, to adore and to treasure, till we both shall live. Here, I pledge my faithfulness to you before God.

  4. In the supervision and guidance of God Jesus, I pledge to share all his love with you. The Father, our friends and relatives are the witness of my vow of love to you. I promise to love you, care for you and treasure you all through life. I will be faithful to you and will walk with you in every step of life till death do us part.

  5. I love you, (Grooms name), and I know that God has led me to this path of love. I have been your best friend and hereby I take pledge to play my part of a wife the best in your life. Through all of the fears and examinations of the present and future, I will be with you and will faithfully cherish this relation. I promise to do all the things I can to maintain this relationship.

  6. I (your name) love you, (Groom's name), and I show gratitude to the Lord for the love He gave us that has bound our hearts and lives together in spiritual fellowship of marriage. In every step of life, I will love you, treasure you and honor you, come what may. As we step into the world's most holy relationship, and begin a new part of life together, I promise to love you in sickness as in health, in sorrow as in joy, in poverty as in wealth, and will be honest to you as long as my heartbeats are.

Some Points to Remember

As a bride you will have to be sensible to your partner's feelings while choosing your vows. Instead of just taking ideas from sources like internet and wedding magazines, it would be better if you can personalize them to reflect the uniqueness of your relationship. This would make your vows unique and special. Otherwise, copied vows can make your highlight moment lose its feeling of magic.

Genuine feelings from the heart are more romantic than the ideas for vows taken from any website. You can sit down with your partner to discuss what is most special about your relationship which sets it apart from the rest. You can very well quote some funny incidents which happened during your relationship like first date, first kiss etc. This would make your vows special and genuine. You can also ask your partner to write his side of vows separately. For this, you would just have to decide a common starting point with your partner and start writing your feelings for the love of your life as it comes to your mind in a natural flow.

It is only a misconception that flowery or poetic language is required to make your vows romantic, but just simple words can do the magic. They are sure to be more romantic than the most romantic poems and quotes as these are just written in general and not specific to your relationship. Every relationship has something unique and it is necessary that you bring out this uniqueness in your vows. As exchanging vows is the most important part of your wedding ceremony, your guests would be very much interested to know how much love and commitment you have for your partner. So, it is very much essential to show it to your partner and guests.

You can take the help of your friends and close family members to write your vows as they may be creative or experienced enough o help you express yourself. You can be a little creative and humorous to make your vows interesting and entertaining, this would keep up the liveliness of the celebrations.

These are some most amazing and affectionate wedding vows for bride. Try adding some extra from your side to make it unique for your partner. Your feelings will matter more than words ever.

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