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The MC wedding speech is a huge task; the reputation of the entire wedding reception is in his hands. He must keep certain things in mind to make the evening a memorable one.

Tips for Mc Wedding Speeches

One must remember that wedding is a huge occasion and so the mc must be very lively and sporty as he is the official host of the evening. A lifeless host will dry out the enjoyment of the reception. One must be calm and composed to take on the duties as a mc, there may be situation which may come unexpectedly and the mc must be ready to handle them. If the mother gets nervous saying the wedding speech the mc must know how to comfort her in front of all. The duties of the mc must be given to a person who has a good presence of mind and has some experience in handling similar occasions.

The mc must have a warm welcome for the guests and he can add some jokes or special commentary to break the monotonous feel. The mc must have a clear voice so that guests don't have to give all their attention in hearing to what the mc is saying..

While conducting the reception one should not be ashamed to go through the small notes that have been prepared. It all matters how smartly one carries himself in the proceedings of the wedding reception.

The mc must practice the speech in front of mirror so that he can mark carefully his action and expression. This will add up to the confidence.

Apart from the wedding speeches here are few other duties that the master of the ceremony looks after.

Duties of the MC

  • Breaking the ice of the wedding reception.
  • An introduction where the mc officially tells everyone that he is the master of the ceremony.
  • Introducing the bride and the groom to the reception party and while doing this he must ensure that he has pronounced the names of the bride and groom properly. The introduction must be in style, it should not sound formal.
  • Introducing the person who will bless the meal
  • Reading the messages given by others
  • Announcing each part of the wedding reception, like cake cutting, the first dance, wedding speeches etc. He must do all these with a touch of humor and love filled emotions depending upon the situation.

One must have a good overall personality to be the master of ceremony. The MC wedding speeches must be great.

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