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Unusual Wedding Gifts

Best friends always want to gift something unusual on their friend's birthday, wedding or anniversary. This is also a way in which they find that their gift is remembered by their friend for the lifetime, especially when it comes wedding gift. Here are a few unusual wedding gift ideas that can help you fetch a special gift for your about-to-get-married friend.

Honeymoon Vouchers

If you know the couples well, then gifting the vouchers to their favorite destination or the place wherein they always wanted to go can be an unusual and surprising wedding gift for them. But, before gifting them honeymoon vouchers, you need to first find out about their plans. If they have already planned for some place then gift them tickets for that place, and if they have booked the tickets for the desired place, then you need to find out ways to make their honeymoon special.

Hotel Room

If not honeymoon vouchers, then booking their first night in a luxurious hotel of that city will also be an unusual wedding gift for the newly wed couple from your side. You can book the best room in that hotel and decorate it with candles, flowers, etc to make their first night special.

Favorite Drink

Presenting a bottle of their favorite drink, be it champagne, wine or beer, along with 2 sleek wine glasses or beer mugs can also form an unusual wedding gift for them. You can either find about their favorite drink or else gift them with the best drink available in town.

Precautionary Items

This is something totally unusual, as no couple will think of getting packets of condom, precautionary pills, etc as their wedding gifts. You can wrap it in a big box or else keep it in their room on their first night. Also, adding a small note to it can help them understand that presenting a condom on their first night was not a part of a joke and that they need to think about their coming future as well.

Fitness Club Membership

Every bride and groom wants to be fit after marriage to satisfy his/hers better half's desires. So, you can help them out by gifting them an annual or half-yearly couple fitness club membership wherein they can perform power yoga, cardiovascular exercises, etc to remain fit. And, if the club offers massage and spa facilities, then it is an added bonus to the unusual wedding gift that you have planned.

Dance Classes Membership

Almost every couple gets busy once they are back from their honeymoon and finds less time for themselves. At this time, your passes of dance class membership might bring some spice to their life. But, for this to happen, you have to make sure that you gift them with the membership pass which has the enrolling date after six to eight months of their marriage date.

These were a few unusual wedding gift ideas that can help you make the newly wed couple's married life special. If you have any more you can surely share them with us.

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