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Ruby Wedding Gifts

Ruby wedding gifts are always cherished by the bride and the groom as this is a good looking but costly gemstone. So why not present the couple with a gift that would be loved by both of them. Here are few ruby wedding gifts ideas that can help you decide a ruby wedding gift for the couple. Ruby wedding anniversary is celebrating forty years of marriage. Hence, it is a good idea to gift a ruby or ruby studded jewelry, ring, etc. to each other. Of course there are handful of other gifts you could think of. If you are going to celebrate your anniversary or throw a party then also there are a number of gifts your guests could give you. Rubies are definitely a good gift for a couple who has lived together for so many years successfully, happily, and been with each other through thick and thin. A collage of their photographs right from the day they got married till date is a wonderful gift. Their children can gift them this. Someone who is close to them or been with them since a long time can also gift this. This would take them many years back on an emotional level. Apart from a ruby ring, earrings or a necklace, you can gift them a pair of engraved wine glasses with a wine or champagne bottle or picture frame depicting 40 years. One precious gift that their children or other close family members could gift them is a tour package to their favorite venue. Gift them some nice travel and accommodation package for 4-5 days. Let them enjoy themselves together.

Engraved Ruby

For this, you need to buy ruby gemstone in any shape you wish to. Once you have your ruby, go to a jeweler and tell him you want to engrave the wedding date of the bride and groom, bride and groom's name or their nicknames on it. He will engrave it and give it to. You need to pack this carefully in a cute looking box and cover the box with a satin ribbon. Write some cute thought on a piece of paper and tag it with one of the ends of the satin.


Jewelry is an adored gift item by any bride, and if you present her with a ruby wedding gift, she will surely remember you for a life time. So, go to any jeweler and shop for ruby earrings, pendants, rings, toe rings, etc that will fit your budget. To make your ruby wedding gift more special, buy any jewelry with the initial of her spouse engraved on it. Wrap this in a nice box and write the wedding date, bride and groom's name or any quote and tag it around one of the corners of the box.

Cuff Links and Tie Pin

A set of cuff links and tie pin is one of the best ruby wedding gift ideas for the groom. To personalize your present you can engrave the bride's initial on the tie pin and / or the cuff link. This set can be in gold or silver, as ruby looks good with any metal. To have more fun, buy the set that matches well with the wedding dress of the groom and gift this to the groom before he gets ready for his big day so that he can wear it and walk down the aisle.

Key Chain

If you do not wish to present your ruby wedding gift in the form of a common jewelry item, you can opt for a keychain. Buy a set of two identical shaped rubies and engrave the names of the bride and the groom and pack them up in one box. If you want to try something different with your ruby wedding gift then try to engrave different words or short messages on the keychain.

Cell Phone Strap

This is one of the unique ruby wedding gifts ever thought. These straps come in different shapes, may be heart, oval, square, circle, etc. You can choose the one that you like and engrave sweet messages or love quotes on it. Wrap this gift in two different attractive boxes and carry them to the venue.

Some words or lines you can engrave on your ruby wedding gift

  • His - Hers
  • Mr. - Mrs.
  • Together Forever (on both)
  • All the Best!!! (on both)
  • With You Always (on both)

These were a few ruby wedding gift ideas that can be presented to the bride and the groom as a wedding gift on their big day.

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