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Wedding favors are important in a wedding. These are meant to thank your guests who took time to attend the wedding celebrations. Wedding favors for men can be a little difficult to find as most of the favors available are usually fit for women or kids.

What do guys like for wedding favors?

Wedding Favors for Men

Men do not like to get some girly-girly or those lovey-dovey wedding favors. To be practical, what will they do with them anyway? Well there are lots that you can give them but just that you need to be a little choosy and selective. There are plenty of ideas for them as well that will surely appeal your male guests.

Wedding sports favors

You can prepare favor bags that can be filled with fun items that are related to sports, for example you can get differing gift bags that depict sports balls such as base balls, basket balls, football, soccer and golf. You can fill these bags with some edible favors like chocolate golf favors, sports-ball luggage tags, coasters that have sports design on them or may be nice sports ball wine bottle stoppers.

Barber razor set

A traditional item that men can find useful and enjoy as well are the old fashion razor supplies. You can either get them pre-packaged or you can piece them together on your own. Prepare a gift bag and put an elegant razor, a bowl that hold a shaving soap and a face brush in it. You can also pack a variety of scented shaving soaps.

Watches for wedding favors

Watches are something that will never go out of style and men will surely appreciate them as gifts. However, you may not get many choices as far as watches are concerned, so look for something that is masculine, basic and tasteful.

Key chains and bottle opener as wedding favors

Cool and attractive key chains can be fun wedding favors for men. These are practical gifts that will remind your men guests about the wedding day most of the time. You can personalize them with some message from the bride and the groom or you can simply have their names and the wedding date. Also, key chains with a place to insert a photo can also be an idea for wedding favors for men. Do not give your male guests fancy key chains as they may not like it.

Bottle openers can also be nice practical favors for men as they are associated with their favorite drink such as beer. You can personalize them with a favor tag and write something about the wedding or something that men would be interested in.

Elegant wedding favors for men

You can also consider giving your men some elegant and timeless wedding favors. For this you simply need to purchase sleek black favor bags and fill them with elegant stuffs and items such as cuff links, money clips, pen holder and high quality pen, or may be elegant card holders. You can also put a sleek and small address books and on the top of the bag create a simple bow from silk and silver.

Tips for Buying Wedding Favors for Men

  • Candles in the form of chess pieces, footballs, etc., are wedding favors that would be liked by men
  • Card holders in the form of an electric guitar or soccer sport or base ball related stuffs make for great wedding favors for men
  • Personalized golf balls are the perfect favors for men as most of them play golf and like the sport very much
  • Silver lapels are elegant wedding favors that would be preferred by all
  • Mint tins that are personalized with sports as theme would be very much liked by men and you are sure to get many compliments for it
  • Screwdriver sets are very useful wedding favors that would be appreciated by your guests
  • Bottle opener and wine bottle stopper sets are popular wedding favors that would be loved by all men
  • Rhinestone cufflinks are very special and elegant wedding favors for men
  • Steel shakers and money clips are functional wedding favors that men find very useful in their day-to-day activities
  • Beer mugs and stainless steel flasks would be preferred by many men and make for excellent wedding favors
  • Personalized pens, business card holder sets, Men's beach bags, etc., would really be very functional favors for men
  • Men prefer favors that are practical and functional whereas women prefer fancy favors
  • Glass photo coasters and personalized photo frames are also liked by men
  • Bar tools and tins in the shapes of tuxedo etc., can be delightful wedding favors for men
  • Watches are all-time-favorites of men and would delight them to no extent if they receive watches as wedding favors
  • Wedding favors like transparent dices, personalized playing cards, coffee scoops, and poker sets with case can be personalized to suit your wedding theme

Selecting the right kind of wedding favors for men will surely increase the likelihood of your guests. This will not go waste and will be kept, appreciated and used effectively. So take a little time for choosing them and adding fun to your wedding!

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