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Western Wedding Decorations

For a unique wedding theme or to get hitched in style you can try the western wedding theme. Wedding is a special occasion and is time to celebrate and think in a different and better way. You can turn the wedding reception to a western party and have lots of fun. After you have decided the theme, now the next thing comes of decorating the venue. The western wedding decorations can certainly jazz up the location and also help in setting the theme.

Western Wedding Decorations Stuffs

Whenever you think about west or the country side, cow boy boots, hats, bandanas and wagon wheels are something that usually comes to the mind. These are the most recognizable items and can be used in the decoration of a western wedding. Now comes the important part as to how to use them in the decorations of the ceremony.

  • You can start with an elaborate western-themed aisle runner. Depending on the length you need to purchase the appropriate amount of white fabric. Get western themed iron and use it to make an aisle runner that fits into the theme as well. You can also sprinkle western themed confetti on the aisle which you can easily get from craft stores. Another way is to go for confetti that you may get in variety of shapes and that includes cacti and cowboy boots!
  • Get a durable fabric and cut it a fringe along one side and use this with the fringe facing the ground.
  • Another decoration for the western theme is to use handkerchiefs or more preferably bandanas and use them as a simple alternative to floral pew bows. You can get certain red bandanas that are specially made for pew decorations. You only have to fold the handkerchief in triangle shape and use the double sided tape on the back and around the border of the triangle and adhere them to the pews.

The decorations for a western wedding can help you create an ambience that will reflect the old west spirit and also bring to your wedding an infinite cowboy charm! The best and great thing about western wedding theme is that you can celebrate in a comfortable and laid-back manner. Like for example you can use a picnic table and cover them with some gingham tablecloths. These will go with the theme and are easily available and will not cost you much.

Western Wedding Reception Decorations

The western country decorations usually focused on the attire worn by the people or the cowboys. However, you can give a nice western touch to the reception as well.

  • The reception halls can be lighted using lanterns and oil lamps. To make it safer you can use the electric versions which can give you the same effect.
  • For the floor décor, you can use bails of hay. All you need to do here is stack two bails and on the top place a saddle. This is will enhance the theme and is a best display you can offer to your guest at the entrance.
  • The bandanas can be used as placemats or under centerpieces. These are appropriate for the themes and you simply roll them and tie them around as plain napkins. You can stiff rope circles and make striking napkin rings.

Western Wedding Flower Decorations

Wildflowers are great and natural way to complement the western cowboy theme wedding. For the bride bouquet, you can arrange some informal hand wrapped arrangements and also for her attendants. Roses- a symbol of love can easily intermingle with the wild flowers. This is quite a simple thing and does not need much of your creativity.

Another option is to choose one flower like a rose or sunflower and start wrapping with other wildflowers around it. You just need to wrap a floral wire around the top two inches of the stems and under the bottom of the petals. You just have to wrap the wire with a floral tape. This tape will stick to itself as you try to pull it. Now, wrap a satin ribbon around the tape and wind this as you go the stems and then finally wind them back down and tie a double knot and leave the ribbon streamers.

Western Wedding Centerpieces Decorations

To make a perfect centerpiece for a wedding theme, you can use mason jars and fill them with wildflowers. You can also use sunflowers and daisies and tie with cotton wine to give a dramatic western display.

Other decorations which you can include are wagon wheels that bring a western flair. For this you simply can drape them with garlands and lace.

The western wedding decorations can transform your guest to a live decoration and in addition to this you can play some nice country songs!

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