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Summer Wedding Decorations

Summer can be great for wedding celebrations as the weather is nice. However, planning it may not be that easy! This is the season when you can dream of having a waterside influence under the warm and pleasant sun. You can enjoy the summer wedding decorations in a tented backyard, in a lush green lawn, somewhere in the fabulous fete or the mountaintop.

The biggest advantage of having a summer wedding is that you'll have many possibilities of both outdoor and indoor decorations and make your celebration worth remembering!

The season may be popular for wedding but you need to make a lot of planning. While you make an effort to find the right wedding dress that fits you best and find the caterer, you also need to decide on the theme for your summer wedding. Your decoration will be based on the decided theme that will match in and everything in the ceremony. The season will give you various theme options both natural and fun. You can also create some creative choices of your own and give a personal touch to your wedding.

Theme for summer wedding decorations

As said earlier the starting point to plan out the wedding decorations is to first decide the theme. Some of the themes you can select for summer wedding are beach wedding themes that will quite fun and a kind of a relaxed wedding or garden theme that can be set with different colors and flowers to your wedding all the more lively. This is an optimal weather that is perfect to plan out outdoor events or a destination wedding, so a good destination event can be somewhere on an island.

Flowers for summer wedding decorations

Summer isthe season of flowers and you can use plenty of them in your wedding. You can go for both real and faux flowers that will give a nice natural effect to the wedding decorations. If you are looking for something that comes in your budget and are cost effective then there are many fake flowers that can be used for display. And the best part of these flowers is they won't be wilted by the end of the day as in the case of natural flowers. However, real and fresh flowers can give a hint of summer and spread their sweet and pleasant smell in the air.

As you know that centerpieces is the main focal point of wedding decoration and the best way to decorate them is with different varieties of flowers that will flourish them and make them more beautiful. For a summer wedding, you can use orchid bloom and dip them in a tall stylish vase. This will give a modern feel to your summer wedding. You can arrange these season flowers in vases of different shapes and heights to give an eclectic feel. This is perfect for a garden theme wedding.

Fruit basket for summer wedding decorations

As the season itself is refreshing so you can symbolize it by using fresh fruit basket in your wedding decorations. This will refresh everyone on a summer day. Having a fruit themed decoration can also be quite soothing and stimulating for the eyes. Go for bright limes, oranges, lemons, which can be used in centerpieces. This will be a unique centerpiece decoration and will be perfect when used against a white linen table cloth. Also it is an excellent idea for theme decorations as the colors of fresh fruits will pop out. You can fill these edible fruits in large cylinders to make a fabulous edible arrangement. Another fine and unique idea is using citrus fruits to place cards and give a simple slice to hold your guest's name. Another advantage of these fruits is their bright color that can be used against any light linen such as white.

Colors for summer wedding decorations

The color you choose is very important for your wedding. This is when you decide with the bridesmaids' dresses, the table linens, the flowers, makeup and, the most important, the wedding cake. Colors that are perfect for summer season are teal, yellow, pastel, pink and purple. Other combination of color that will suit the wedding are traditional hues such as black and white, navy and purple and the combinations of black, white, purple and lime green. These colors will set aside your wedding theme, giving it sophistication and elegance. Also, there are other endless options that you can use to create a different effect with these color combinations.

Favors for wedding decorations in summer

Favors are your way to give gratitude to your guests and what better to thank them by creating your own favors. This will also add to the décor and enhance your wedding decorations. You can surround your centerpieces with these favors and set them in basket for your guest to see. For example, using seashell coaters for a beach theme wedding and also setting them as décor items. Flower candles are also good favors that can be used in garden or an island theme.

Light effects for summer wedding décor

For an outdoor summer wedding, you can make use of large type of citronella candles which can be set near the food. You can also use the smaller ones as a part of the centerpiece decorations. Another alternative is to personalize them by painting them with a solid color and you can also paint the couple names and the wedding date.

These are some common and unique ideas for summer wedding decorations. These can be easily made by one if you want to save a quite a bit of your money!

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