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Heart Wedding Decorations

A heart theme wedding can be perfect theme for a valentine day wedding! Wedding is the time to celebrate love and commitment. Heart wedding decorations can create the atmosphere and the proper ambiance for the special occasion and help in promoting the feeling of festivity. These decorations can be fun and help in adding the extra flair to the occasion and make the celebration a romantic and memorable one!

The heart has been considered as the center of a person's emotions and soul. Since ancient times, the heart was considered to originate emotions and hence it was how it got the symbol for love. Thus a heart wedding theme can be a reminder of what the day is all about! The heart is a natural choice for a wedding decoration theme.

The heart can be incorporated in every aspect of the wedding décor from the centerpiece decoration to reception napkins. However, be a little selective in making some choices and do not make your wedding look like a valentine day celebration. You can choose some heart elements that can set the wedding theme.

Heart candles for wedding decorations

The best way to set a romantic mood to your wedding celebrations is to set it with candles that will also add a glow to the wedding reception. For the heart theme wedding, you can use some easily available heart shaped floating candles. Another alternative is to use pillar candles that can be carved to hearts shape. You can also use heart-shaped candlesticks holders and use them for taper candles. You can also use different type of heart candles and help with the theme. Get the perfect color for the candles that go well with the theme.

Versatility of heart decorations

You can use these heart shaped decorations at the ceremony or in the cocktail hour or during the reception time. For an outdoor event you can use them to decorate the garden. Florists can be appointed to create a big heart made of rose petals. Another way is to make use of a heart-shaped candle that may help to signify the relationship. To make the drinks cool, you can also use heart shaped ice cubes.

Heart and swan wedding theme decorations

The swan and the heart is a popular way to celebrate your wedding theme. The best thing about both the themes is that their meaning correlates and is an ideal theme for celebrating love and the union. The heart as said earlier is commonly known to represent the two beating hearts and the swans represent lifetime union. This is why both the themes are popular themes for wedding.

For choosing the wedding colors for this type of theme, you can actually choose red and white that symbolizes the heart and the swan. For a unique color, you can also select navy blue and ivory.

The church pews can be decorated with heart and swan decoration. You can also make wooden cutouts of the shape of hearts and can paint them in red and ivory. With the help of ribbon hangers you can attach them onto the church pews.

For the centerpiece decorations, you can make use of a swan sculpture with the help of ice and make a great buffet table for centerpiece. You can further decorate the tables with ivory ribbons bows and also use flowers to make it a little more eye catchy.

Favors for heart wedding decorations

These favors can also serve as good wedding decorations and you can also use them to enhance the wedding theme. For this you can use heart shaped picture frames, mints, wine stoppers, decorative boxes and place card holders and use them at the reception hall. This can be special favors that will remind your guest about your wedding and the times spend at the wedding.

Light effects for a heart theme wedding

With a bit of creativity and imaginations, you can showcase some original work in your wedding decorations. As for lights effects, you can simply use soft glow candles and the best part you can make them all yourself. This can be fun and you can safe your money as well. All you need is taper candle holders, some beeswax, candle kit and some honey for scented lighting. For those hearts shaped candles pour the melting soy wax into cookie cutters or some candle molds and add some wicks. Float these candles to give a lovely and romantic candle light reflected effect in the water.

Paper lanterns can also be used for an outdoor wedding. You can opt for heart shaped lanterns that are inexpensive and also give an extra touch of magic to the wedding theme. You can place some battery operated tea lights and suspend them from trees or branches with some pretty ribbons that go with the wedding color.

Table decorations for a heart theme wedding

As for the table decorations for the reception, you can simply sprinkle a final accent around the centerpiece that will draw together all the visual elements in a coordinated design. You can also use heart shaped confetti or some glass rocks or simply rose petals for common varieties of sprinkles.

These are some of heart shaped wedding decorations and in addition to these you can use some heart-shaped chocolate dipped strawberries as a relish for the guests.

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