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Fall Wedding Decorations

The fall wedding decorations can be a perfect a decoration too. This season seems to be quite romantic and a lot of couples prefer their wedding in such a season. The enticing atmosphere and the view of fallen leaves can't stop anyone to fall in love with this time of the year. There is not much difficulty to find a good theme and items for fall weddings.

The fall season can play a major role to set the moods and the environment for a memorable and perfect fall wedding. There are many ideas from this bold colored month of the year. Things you need to do and plan for wedding should involve some basic and important stuffs.

Some ideas and tips for the decoration of a wedding during the fall season:

  • First you need to choose a color scheme for this season and chose a variety of colors such as brown, leaf green, yellow and pink. Purple and ivory and silver are some other most preferred color combination in the season.

  • The autumn leaves can be used to decorate the aisle. You can also use fresh leaves or buy artificial ones. The artificial can be much better the fresh ones as they do not dry out and neither fragile like the fresh ones. These artificial leaves are made of cloth or polyurethane and can be easily attached to the pew or a chair with the help of a double sided tape.

  • The archway can be decorated using fall plants such as fern, grapevine, wheat or Indian corn. This gives a unique and extraordinary look and these can prove to some of the best decorated items in such a season. You can weave these corn stalks and fall flowers with a colored tulle. Another alternate to this is to get a readymade archway to give the guests a grand welcome.

  • The most common flowers of this season are mums, roses, daisies and yarrow which can be used in the bouquets and also be used in other spaces. Another known attraction is the confetti roses that add to the attraction of the wedding.

  • Nuts and fruits are also common in that season. You can use them along with flowers and decorate the venues as well. For example use a wicker basket and put them in it and allow them to hand from the ceilings. The baskets can also be used with some fairy lights that can outline from the edges.

  • A crystal bowl or silver one can be used as a great centerpiece. You can fill them with bunches of grapes. This can be simple but can make your centerpiece look great!

  • Another method to place card holder is by selecting a mini pumpkin. All you got to do is make a deep cut in its stem and paste the place card into it. This is a great way to make your guests feel special and welcomed.

  • Another centerpiece decoration can be made by using some red and white amaryllis. This can look better if you arranged them properly in a bouquet.

Fall wedding decoration themes

There are some great ideas for the theme of a wedding in the autumn. There is this apple and pear theme that uses oranges and auburns and also deep reds. Such kinds of themes are perfect for the wedding reception. You can further add to delight of everyone by going for a signature drink that includes apple martinis.

The wine theme is another great for a fall wedding. You can get a vineyard as the wedding reception venue and serve wine bottles that have the label with the names of the bride and the groom. You can have wedding favors such as corkscrew and wine charms that can make your wedding all the more better.

Lighted fall wedding decoration

For outdoor decoration, you can use lighted faux potted trees that make the environment lovely and this can be felt in the evening and at night. This lighted faux tress should be done using large branches and heavy ceramic pots, floral foams and light strings. You can go for a spray paint which can be white, gold or any color you want it to go with the theme.

Wedding cake for a fall wedding

And finally, the wedding cakes which are the ultimate attraction to the reception. To complement the fall decorations, you can look for spice or pumpkin flavor cake. This is offered by many bakers and they can add to this attraction by decorating the cakes related to Halloween cakes.

These are some of the ideas which you can use up in your fall wedding decorations and make your wedding a memorable one!

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