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Christian Wedding Decorations

Christian wedding decorations can be fascinating and play an important role in the wedding affair. Wedding is considered to be as a propitious occasion in everybody's life. With the help of Christian wedding decorations you can make the ceremony a remarkable occasion. Based on your liking and choice, you can celebrate your wedding with either a traditional style or in contemporary way.

The bible has not mentioned as to how the wedding arena should look like. And so there is plenty room for your imaginations and creativity to decorate your venue.

Planning the wedding can be a big task as you need to think and imagine what will look best for the wedding party decorations. The reception hall is the most noticed area of the wedding ceremony so remember to make the best use of wedding decorations.

Christian wedding

The Christian wedding is a ceremony to celebrate the union of a man and woman who are born-believers. They commit their lives and allow Lord Jesus Christ to bless and lead them for a fruitful marriage. The ceremony is the celebration of love and the beginning of a new life for the couple. According to the bible, Jesus set a basic ideology for marriage in which he said that wedding brings a man and a woman together. He described it as a relationship; a union so very intimate that the two become one flesh and one soul. The Christian wedding ceremony is simple and a brief one. It usually starts in the morning and is a hassle free wedding. It begins with the exchange of vows and rings, followed by the cutting of the wedding cake and then having a grand dinner.

Decorations of the church

One of the important aspects of planning the wedding which can be fun and also eye catchy is to do something with the wedding decorations. The decorations involve decorating the church and the reception hall. Flowers play an important role in the decorations and beautiful flowers can become feast for the eyes. However, you first need to select the wedding theme and the wedding colors.

Decorating the church is also another important event in the wedding decorations for Christians. And the best options to start with the decorations are to decorate the pew bows. You can also make use of shimmering organza and other exquisite ribbons that can give an elegant look to the wedding decorations. To give a romantic touch to the wedding celebration you can use either natural flowers or go for artificial ones that do not lose their beauty. Well-planned balloon arrangements can be perfect for a high-ceiling wedding venue.

Christian wedding outdoor decorations

If you want to go little different from the rest then select an outdoor wedding and with this you can still honor the Lord. According to the bible, the lord is with us no matter where we are. Jesus says, "For where two or three come together in my name, there am I with them." You can call a pastor to read out a short message which says more of Christ and marriage. You can ask him to start the ceremony with a prayer and close it with a thanks giving prayer, as there is no specific outline outdoor wedding ceremony in the bible. Hence, you can reflect your individual taste and your imaginations in the celebration.

Candles for Christian wedding decorations

Next, important thing to decorate the wedding ceremony is by lighting candles. The candlelight will provide warmth and beauty to the wedding decorations. According to the Christian tradition, lighting up the unity candle in the wedding ceremony is a good omen. And according to the tradition, it is necessary to light two candles prior the wedding ceremony. You can light up tapers in holders or use simple candelabras to light the candles.

Bridal shower decorations

The bridal shower can be an emotional and important event for the bride. It is here where the bride is showered with gifts. It is usually the bridesmaids that take up the charge of the occasion. To find the decoration for bridal showers, you first need to decide the theme and sometimes the decorations will help to plan the event itself. In traditional bridal wedding decorations, you can make use of helium filled white and silver balloons and drift them towards the ceilings. If you have decided a theme then look for balloons that go with the theme. You can also use pearl sheen balloons that will give an elegant touch to the décor. As for the tables and chairs, you can drape them with linens. You can also use lace to cover them. If you have selected white tablecloths, you can add some accent with some well colored napkins and tableware. You can also place some matching favors at each plate of the tables.

Other bridal shower decorations that you can try out are using a large chair and drape it with lace or satin for the bride to sit while opening her gifts, an umbrella or a parasol that can be hanged from the ceiling or you place it in a corner. Some interesting ideas is a wishing well for small gifts, candles can also help to set the mood, you can also crape some paper wedding bells and use some fresh flowers in stylish and decorative vases.

Table decorations for a Christian wedding

You may keep thinking about what table decoration will be best and concentrate in each and every detail of it. This may not be an easy task but if you plan and organize properly can give a stunning look to your wedding decorations.

These are some important and basic ideas for Christian wedding decorations. You can also use your creativity and imaginations to give a personal touch to the decorations!

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