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Lavender Wedding Bouquets

Lavender is actually a herb that is used for cooking, but this plant has beautiful flowers that could be used for wedding bouquets. Even though the plant is high priced, some couples want lavender wedding bouquets for their wedding to make a difference. Flowers of lavender plant alone could make a beautiful wedding or bridal bouquet; it looks more gorgeous with petite brides. These flowers have small blossoms with short stems, so you can have small hand-tied wedding bouquet from these flowers. On the other hand, you can use these flowers as fillers in your wedding bouquet.

There are many lavender colored flowers like carnations, calla lilies, and roses, from which you can make beautiful wedding bouquets. These lavender wedding bouquets are rather becoming more popular than other bouquets like, white, red and pink. Fresh flowers have aroma that create a pleasing atmosphere. For lavender wedding bouquets, you have two choices, one is lavender colored flowers, but if you cannot afford fresh flowers (owing to cost), the second option is artificial lavender silk flowers.

Here are some types of fresh lavender flowers given, which could be used in lavender wedding bouquets.

  • Roses

    lavender colored roses are beautiful, and if you combine them with pink colored roses, it will make a beautiful combination. These flowers have long stem, so you can make any type of bouquet from these flowers. You can get these roses for your wedding bouquet, but for this you have to order in advance. Remember that these flowers are rare and so have high cost.

  • Calla lilies

    Calla lilies have a delicate curve, and they come in beautiful colors. Lavender color calla lilies look very beautiful and decent. Lavender calla lilies' bouquet alone look awesome, but you can mix these flowers with other flowers like roses, carnations and purple color calla lilies.

  • Iris

    Iris is a very different flower with long stems. It has many colors, but lavender colored iris looks extremely beautiful. You can mix them with tulips or calla lilies.

  • Hydrangea

    Hydrangea is a small bloom with various colors like green, white, and purple. Because this flower is a short-stemmed flower, you have some limitations to make bouquet from this flower. Either you can use it as a filler or make a small hand-tied bouquet from it.

Here are some tips for lavender wedding bouquets -
  • If you are using lavender plant's flowers, then you have can make a small bouquet like hand-tied, posy or nosegay bouquet
  • If you want to make a cascading bouquet, then you have to use roses, calla lilies or iris as main flowers and use hydrangeas as fillers
  • If you want pomander wedding bouquet, then you can use roses or calla lilies as a main flower and hydrangeas as fillers
  • If you want arm sheaf bouquet, then you have to use long-stemmed flowers like calla lilies, roses, and iris You can use your imagination to make a beautiful color combination for your lavender wedding bouquet.

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