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Outdoor Wedding Venues in Iowa (IA)

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 Outdoor Wedding Venues in Iowa (IA)

Most outdoor wedding venues in IA are getting geared up for staging the shows. Find out what facilities and amenities they are offering. Outdoor wedding locations are the best option to get married. You can use the backdrop of natural surroundings and get married as you have always desired for.

There are a large number of options or venues that are available ranging from wedding locations, reception venues, and many more. You can select the best one from them that would suit your preferences and likings.

You can get information about various wedding locations from different websites or magazines. Check out the availability of the location and the amenities that are being provided at the location in Iowa. You must select the venue in advance and begin planning for it.

Along with this outdoor wedding location, you should keep an indoor wedding location also ready as a backup. This back up can be used in case of emergency situations where you cannot organize an outdoor wedding.

Outdoor Wedding Venues in IA at a glance along with the salient features of the venue are listed below. It would help the couple to select the best outdoor wedding venue.

Outdoor Wedding Venues in IA at a glance

Briar Cliff University

Briar Cliff University has a beautiful campus located on the top of the hill in Sioux City. If you are interested in a realistic but beautiful outdoor wedding, this venue is for you.

The campus offers opportunities for small outdoor weddings of about 300 people in the months of August-May. It is able to accommodate larger groups during the summer.

The receptions in this venue are becoming popular due to inventive and imaginative menus and equally good presentations. The reason for this is that they are not allowing any other caterer on the campus.

The elegant surroundings of the University have a unique charm of their own. The location also provides the views of surrounding hills and the urban sky line.

Tables, chairs, silver ware for decoration are all available at the venue.

Amplified music is allowed and the CD player is available on the rent. The venue also provides outdoor lighting and heating facilities.

Castle Unicorn

The massive European Castle built in stone and brick is a stunning outdoor wedding location. Along with a magnificent view of Loess Hills, meadows and trails you can also enjoy 400 acres of nature's bounty.

The venue offers a host of outdoor wedding locations for ceremony and receptions. There are open and closed decks, terraces and gardens.

Fountains and moats make excellent outdoor wedding ceremony sites. A ceremony can also be planned along the beautiful pond.

The venue provides the following amenities.

  • Tables, chairs, linens and silver ware
  • Bride's and Groom's Changing Areas
  • CD player
  • Lighting
  • Catering
  • On-site parking

The romantic surroundings and the beautiful locations provide you excellent opportunities for the outdoor wedding photographs.

Honey Creek Resort State Park

A five hours train journey from Chicago will take you to this resort. The resort has some very good locations for the ceremony.

The breath taking views of hills, parks, gardens, lakes and ponds at the resort provide you the romantic back-drops perfect for the wedding photographs.

The central lodge with a huge fireplace is a good location for holding the reception. The ethnic charm of the place when combined with the elegant decorations helps you to build the right ambience. The venue offers choices between a sit-down reception and a buffet. Good catering services are provided.

The bride's and the groom's dressing areas are available. The venue is a good option for a one-day wedding.

Amplified music is allowed at outdoor locations barring some areas.

The Bricktown Brewery

The brewery is located at the mouth of Mississippi River in Dubuque which is a historic town. It is famous for its restaurants. There are two receptions sites in this location. One is suitable for 120 people and the other for 300 people.

Copper Creek Golf Club

This club has a capacity for holding the reception of about 200 guests after an outdoor wedding ceremony in the sprawling lawns of the club.

Besides the banquet room, a covered patio is also available for an outdoor ceremony of about 150 guests. The patio provides the excellent views of the beautifully landscaped lawns. The decorations and the catering are just superb. A variety of menus are available on demand. The dance floor is specially set up for your big day!

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