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Outdoor Wedding Venues in Georgia (GA) Outdoor wedding venues are to be selected and booked well in advance. This will help you to get the desired venue for the wedding. The selection of the venue should be based on the budget and the number of guests that are expected for the wedding.

You have to check out the venue and the amenities that are available at the venue. Besides these, you have to be aware of the rules and regulations to be followed at the venue. You should strictly abide by these regulations. You have to begin the process of selection beforehand. You should collect information about the outdoor wedding locations that are available in Georgia.

There are different varieties of outdoor locations that are available ranging from gardens, resorts, and many other options. Check out these locations and select the best one that fulfills all your criteria's regarding an outdoor wedding location. You can take the help of the wedding planner who would inform you about the best deals for an outdoor wedding location.

There are many gardens in Atlanta, which are now increasingly being used as outdoor weddings venues in GA. Here is some information regarding these venues in Atlanta.

Garden Outdoor Wedding Venues in GA, Atlanta

Gardens make the perfect settings for your outdoor wedding. Find below the information you are looking for choosing a garden suitable for your outdoor wedding ceremonies.

Atlanta Botanical Garden

This garden is centrally located and is in the heart of Atlanta city. The main attraction of this garden is a well-designed eco-friendly SAGE (Safety Access Green-space and Expansion) parking. The garden has a tie up with caterers, photographers and florists who all help you in wedding planning. A walkway covered with a canopy of trees is best as an aisle. The garden is one of the preferred outdoor wedding ceremony venues in GA.

Thompson House Gardens

This facility in Atlanta is good if you are planning an outdoor wedding for around 200 people. The garden has an exquisite location with a fountain along with a beautiful walkway for your ceremony. The venue provides a Victorian ambience. It also has complete facilities like tables, chairs and linens for the outdoor reception. You can also get a sound system on rent.

Gardens of the Bradford House

The lush garden has palms, ferns, foliage and round-the-year blooms. A big gazebo for around 250 people is the main attraction of the garden. The gazebo, situated among the dense woods, provides the most romantic venue for your ceremony and rehearsal dinners. There is a beautiful sitting area overlooking two fountains.

Higdon House Inn

The open door chapel surrounded by a canopy of century old Pecan trees is the main attraction of this venue. The outdoor pavilion located in landscaped gardens is best for holding wedding receptions in any kind of weather.

Vines Mansion

If you are looking for a picturesque location for your ceremony with full entertainment facility for your guests, it is Vines Mansion. The beautiful location of patio and the arbor stage is just the perfect setting for an outdoor wedding event.

If you are the one of those couples fascinated by the outdoor weddings, and still want to have ceremony inside a church, this venue in Georgia is just for you. The beautiful swan chapel is the best for your ceremony. Adjoined to the church is the outdoor venue fit for your reception.

Barnsley Resort

It is the best venue for those interested in places with a historical background. The garden is just perfect for your summer outdoor wedding ideas. Even if you plan your wedding in afternoon you find the historic ruins of the resort enchanting and full of romance.

Vecoma at the Yellow River

Looking for very private and secluded place for your wedding? This is the huge deck overlooking the yellow river. Surrounded by woods it is a perfect place for holding your outdoor wedding ceremony. Far from the hustle bustle of the city of Atlanta, the venue is a very special location. The location which gives you a view of the river, woods and meticulously landscaped lawn is best for holding the reception. A little walk from the venue to the woods also provides you a glance of wild life.

The details provided above about the outdoor wedding venues in Georgia would be very helpful for the couples who have decided to go in for outdoor wedding.

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