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The food ideas for your outdoor wedding should be such that the food can be easily transported. Go for the foods that will keep for long and are easy to cater. Choose the menu to include food that reflects the flavor of the season.

Unique Outdoor Wedding Food Ideas for Summer

Outdoor Wedding Food Ideas

Menu ideas for summer should include food which keeps fresh for long. Also, keeping your food simple and easy to cater is the first thing to keep in mind. This is specifically important in case it rains and you have to move the food to a tent or covered walkway.

  • Finger foods combined with a variety of fruits make simple but elegant servings. Include a lot of sandwiches like cucumber or tomato sandwiches in your menu
  • Mini bite spinach and cheese quiches are good for summer. Meat kababs and crab puffs is also a good choice
  • Chilled soups, sea foods and Thai cuisine is good for your outdoor wedding in this season

Practical Outdoor Wedding Food Ideas for Autumn

The fall is best season for planning your outdoor wedding menu. The season has bounty of produce and your guests are going to have an increased appetite. So, it is a win-win situation for menu planning. Serving the food on a buffet is common in an outdoor wedding location. However, starters and desserts should be served to the guests on tables.

  • A soup is a must for a wedding in fall. Sweet potato, potato-fennel or butternut squash served in hollowed baby pumpkins is the best idea to invoke the spirit of the season
  • This season is a good time to experiment with deeper flavors of the cake rather than white. Flavors of nuts, carrots, caramel and gingers go well with frostings of cheese. You have many fruits like apples, pears and concord grapes to provide the topping to the cake. Dried fruits dipped in chocolate can also be used for decorating the cake
  • Autumn is a good time for filling your bread basket; you have rye, jalepeno-cheddar corn bread or walnut-whole breads to choose from. Herbal butters go very well with these breads
  • Try beef stew with red beans and rice for a change. Chicken pot pie or other seasonal picks sided with meshed potatoes or roasted onions make a good combination for the main course. Other seasonal root vegetables can also be tried for sides

Outdoor Wedding Ideas for Food in Spring

The food for a spring wedding should be light and simple. Here are some easy to practice advices for spring foods for your wedding.

  • Light drinks are the best during the spring season. You can choose champagne for your beverages. However, you can add mint or fresh berries to your drink servings to add some color of the season. Serving iced tea or lemonade along with wine is a good idea
  • Frost your wedding cake with coconut flakes or fillings and top them up with strawberries or lemon creams
  • Grilled chicken, fish kababs sided with fresh salads of young vegetables like new potatoes, peas, baby carrots is a good menu for spring. Sauntered asparagus is also a good choice for sides
  • You can include spinach and green onion quiches in your buffet

Outdoor wedding ideas for food for winter weddings

You must serve hot and mouth watery food for winter outdoor wedding. As your body requires inner warmth, which it could get from some hot food and have increased digestive power, so could digest spicy food.

  • Instead of starting with wine, you can start with some hot and fresh vegetable soups and spicy grilled menu like grilled meat, various types of barbeques, and grilled vegetables.
  • You can serve some spicy and deep fried food as finger food like potato fries or chicken fried or any other type of fries
  • Main course should include 2-3 dishes of meat with lots of vegetable salads or baked vegetables. Baked beans would be the most traditional and most appreciated side dish.
  • In desserts instead of serving pastries or ice-cream you can serve some drinks like hot chocolate; chocolate; ice-cream sizzlers; or simply tea and coffee

Put these yummy ideas in practice, and have your guests smiling all the way!

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