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An idea of an outdoor night wedding is quite romantic in itself. However, you can add to the night romance by providing a dreamy ambience to your outdoor wedding settings. Lighting can do wonders to even simple decorations or simple tents erected for the outdoor wedding.

Outdoor Night Wedding Ideas for Aisle Lighting

Outdoor Night Wedding Ideas

  • Strands of Christmas lights or floating candles can be placed along the path to provide decoration and easier movements. This lights also help to enliven the mood of the bride and the groom when they walk down the aisle
  • If you have a walkway lined with trees converted to an aisle, lanterns can be hung on these trees to create an lighted aisle
  • Use of tiki torches in different patterns to match the wedding theme is another bright idea for night outdoor wedding
  • For windy nights, the battery operated water proof tea lights are the best substitute for decorations
  • If you have a large landscape to decorate, make use of LED lights. You can also use them as a guide for the guests to reach the venue. These LED lights can also be used to highlight nature's beauty

Outdoor Night Wedding Ideas for Reception Lighting

  • Street lamps can be placed at some points in a bigger open location of the wedding
  • Night wedding is the best time to make use of the candle lights. The diffused light from these candles helps to create a romantic mood
  • The elegant pillar candles with colorful ribbons make stunning centerpieces for an outdoor night wedding in a covered structure
  • Scented candles of different heights can be grouped into a circular design and placed in glass cylinders for centerpiece decoration
  • For adding a dramatic look to your decorations, candles placed on reflecting surfaces can also be used
  • Votive candles placed on candle holders can be artistically combined with flowers for centerpiece decoration

Interesting Outdoor Night Wedding Ideas

  • Make use of spot lights to focus on bride and groom during the ceremony. Make the ceremony area the most lighted of all. All sorts of can lights, flood lights or lights on stands are available on rent. Make use of these lights to make the area more interesting and festive
  • When the guests start coming use light party crackers as a method to say thanks to them
  • If your night wedding location happens to be one of the following - gazebo, archway or near the fountain, make use of the Christmas or fluorescent lights to enhance these focal points
  • Strings of Christmas can be put diagonally across the eating area. This lighting creates a sort of canopy effect and provides an interesting element to the decoration
  • The dance floor is the most interesting of the areas for a night wedding. You can enhance the place with lighted decals to match with the theme

Favors for Outdoor Night Weddings

Crackers make an excellent wedding favor for night outdoor weddings. Gifts such as chocolates with the names of the bride and the groom printed can be placed inside these crackers. When the crackers burst, the gift is revealed.

Use of bright crackers as a wedding favor is an idea which is picking up fast. So, let your night wedding end up with a bang!

You can hire any type of tents that are meant for weddings (especially night weddings as they are meant to keep maximum light in the tents). Getting small tents for wedding reception and one big tent for wedding ceremony would make your outdoor night wedding more romantic and enjoyable as everyone will get some time together and also some time in private.

Outdoor night wedding food ideas

Outdoor night wedding food menus should be perfectly selected. Grilled food or barbeque is the most desired food for night outdoor weddings. You must keep stalls or corner of these food items with the required equipments or instruments, so the guests will have fun while enjoying the hot and spicy food. This would be the perfect food idea for spring or fall outdoor night weddings.

Similarly you can keep wine corners, vegetable and/or fruit salad corners, and dessert corners if you are serving ice-creams or different types of milkshakes in desserts. This would be the perfect idea for summer outdoor night weddings.

If you are planning for DJ then you must make arrangement for this musical and dancing activity outside the tents. Even though, you are hiring a music system instead of DJ, it should be arranged outside the tents. Listening to music and dancing in the moon light would be very romantic and enthralling experience for everyone.

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