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Outdoor wedding colors have a unique importance in your marriage. Selecting the correct colors is crucial for the success of your outdoor wedding.

Choosing Perfect Outdoor Wedding Colors

Colors symbolize seasons as well as emotions. If you choose a particular season for your outdoor wedding, it is important to choose the colors of that season for your outdoor wedding decorations.

The colors associated with the seasons have been given for your reference:


Outdoor Wedding Colors

Summer is the season of joy and happiness. Bright yellows, light purples, peaches in rich tones, and blues in pale tints are the colors of summer. Ice whites are the colors of the season for the water front weddings.


Spring is the season of new beginnings. Cool colors like baby pinks, light sky blues, greens, burgundy, copper reds, and colors with silver hues are perfect for the spring season.


Winter is the season of celebrating the silence. Cream color in the frosty tones, creamy whites, silver grays, and dark blues are the colors of the season.


Autumn is the season of vibrant colors. Warm burgundies, fiery oranges, claret reds, olive greens, and pinks in the darker shades are the colors of the season.

So, when you a select a season theme for your wedding, keep the above mentioned colors in your mind.

Outdoor Wedding Colors for Creating an Ambience

Since the colors are also symbolic of feelings, they help you to build or create a special mood or ambience. The colors are the focal point of decorations, be it the ceremony area or the decorations for the outdoor wedding party area.

If you remember the basic associations and connotations of a particular color, you can use it to build a particular mood through your decorations. Here is what some color symbolize:

  • White: Peace, purity, and protection. It is mostly used for chair covers. White flowers can also be used
  • Green: Fertility, growth, and money. These grapevines are used in wedding arch decorations
  • Light blue: Healing and patience are symbolized by this color, so they are extensively used in summer outdoor weddings
  • Orange: This is the symbol of vitality, used extensively in fall theme outdoor weddings
  • Pink: It is a sober color symbolic of friendship and love. So, it should be used in the ceremony area. Pink tulle can be used. The theme color can also be used in reception area
  • Red: It is the color of passion and courage. Use it to vitalize a little bit dull location
  • Purple: It is the color of meditation, spiritualism, and healing. You can use this color for decorating the most serene surroundings

Tips for Outdoor Wedding Colors

Remember the following tips for selecting a proper color for your wedding:

  • First of all select a base color for your special day and then build the entire palette base on this color
  • You can choose different hues and tones of this color. A contrasting color may sometimes be chosen to provide a dramatic effect
  • All the decorations and the dresses that you choose should have a color coordination with the base color, i.e. flowers, cake, cake toppers have to be in the colors to match your base color
  • If there are different colors of the season, you can use place holders in each color for the reception tables

Following the above tips, your outdoor wedding is sure to be a hit with the guests.

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