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Cheap Outdoor Wedding Venues Wedding venues are the most important aspect of every wedding. You can select the best wedding venue based on your requirements and the theme selected for the wedding. The selection of the venue should be done beforehand. This will help you to get the desired venue and become free from the tension of booking a venue.

Before beginning the work of research, you have to take up some very important decisions. They include finalizing the theme for the wedding, the date, and the number of guests to be invited for the wedding. Once, all these tasks are completed, you can bring out the best

You have to check whether the venue is available on the date that you have fixed for the wedding. There are many websites which offer information about the popular destination in your region.

You can even get information about the cheap outdoor wedding venues in your region. This will help you to select the best one among them that would suit your requirements. Besides these, there are many other aspects which are to be considered while selecting the venue is that the space available along with the facilities.

You can check out cheap wedding venues that would fit perfectly within the budget finalized. It would help you to save money. Along with the outdoor wedding, you have to also check out some indoor wedding location and book them as well. This will help you to immediately change your destination, in case there is a need to do so.

The couple has to personally pay a visit to the destination and take a look at the ambience of the outdoor venue. This will help you to check out the amenities available and then finalize it.

It would also help you to check out whether the venue would be sufficient enough to accommodate all your guests. It would give you an overview about the decorations required for the venue.

Why to choose cheap outdoor wedding venues?

You are charmed by the thrills offered by the outdoor weddings. However, you may be shaky about making a firm decision because of the high costs you may have to incur for your outdoor wedding. Most resorts, mansions and lodges offer excellent locations but charge exuberantly for their services.

An easy alternative to these wedding could be to search for some excellent natural surroundings near you and arrange for every thing on your own. This may require some hard work on your part but you are sure to save money in the bargain.

Choices for Cheap Outdoor Wedding Venues


Every city has gardens. The gardens offer romantic surroundings for the weddings. These are the best locations for your wedding in seasons like fall, spring and summers. The gardens flush with seasonal blooms offer nice backdrops for the wedding pictures.

Most gardens have cobble stone pathways that can serve as aisles. The potted plants in garden may be used for decorating these paths.

Some gardens can have a gazebo or a wooden structure to serve as an arbor. Shade of the dense tree or the some old oak trees can be chosen to create an open air cathedral.

A simple wedding arch frame can be constructed out of wood or iron. The wedding arch can be decorated with green foliage and seasonal flowers.

The gazebo can also be decorated with silk flowers and greenery. Grape vine can also be used for decorating the gazebo or the wedding arch.

A fountain inside the garden is also a beautiful location fore exchanging your vows.

Some gardens entertaining outdoor weddings may have the provision for the wedding arch and tables, chairs and linens. It is practical to choose an indoor venue for reception if it saves you money.


Some restaurants have beautiful gardens on their backside. Some may have roof top gardens. A simple but elegant are for the ceremony area can be set up there. The area can also be used as a dance floor after the ceremony set-up is removed.

There is another advantage of choosing the restaurant as your marriage venue. You have the option of arranging a reception at the same location. Parks

The parks with fountains and with half covered patios are great for weddings. Find out if there is a possibility of arranging the reception in the outdoor lawns. A tent can also be erected in parks. Parks are good locations for arranging the theme weddings. The tents are beautifully decorated with tulle, white lights and paper lanterns.

A separate tent can be set-up for the dancing. The decorations for this tent need to be jazzy. You have to arrange for a generator and sound system along with tables, chairs, and decorations.

University Campus

Some of the universities are located in picturesque mountain surroundings. Some have beautiful manicured lawns and may have fountains as well. The campus weddings are becoming quite popular these days. There is a sound reason for this. A nominal fee is charged from the alumina. The wedding also provides you the unique opportunity to connect to your campus friends by inviting them to your wedding.

You can also have your own ideas for the cheap outdoor wedding venues.

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