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A marriage in the outdoor settings has an element of romance attached to it. Whether you choose to tie your knot in a gazebo or a garden, the well decorated outdoor wedding aisles makes the whole event come together pleasantly.

Ideas for the Outdoor Wedding Aisles

Outdoor Wedding Aisles

  • In a garden setting, the stone pathways serve as an aisle
  • For a beach theme wedding, the aisle is to be created between the two rows of the chairs
  • A gazebo wedding already has a walkway leading up to it which can serve as an aisle
  • The wooden bridge on the pond serves as an aisle in some of the instances of outdoor weddings
  • In parks, the winding walkways make excellent wedding aisles

Decorations for Natural Outdoor Wedding Aisles

The decorations for the aisle may vary depending upon the theme and place of wedding.

Aisle Decorations for Country Theme Wedding

Wreaths of sunflowers or daisies can be tied to chairs lining the aisle. The gingham ribbons tied to these chairs in matching colors of the flowers and swags provide the real country ambience.

Aisle Decorations for Garden and Parks

  • In a garden setting, the aisle can be decorated with potted flower plants placed on both sides of the aisle
  • The chairs along the aisle can have peacock feathers tied to them
  • If the walkway of the garden serving as an aisle is quite broad, floating candles can also be placed along the pathway for an evening wedding
  • If the walkway happens to be lined with trees, then tiki torches, and strings of lights can be put on the trees
  • If the outdoor wedding setting happens to be a rustic surrounding, hurricane lamps can be hanged on the trees lining the aisle

Aisle Decorations for Beach Wedding

  • For a beach wedding, the aisle can be decorated with potted palms. The pots are decorated with the elements from the sea. The shells, starfishes can be creatively used for decorating these pots
  • Most brides like to walk barefoot on the sand. The aisle pathway between the chairs can be created by spreading some rose petals on the way
  • The chairs along the aisle also need to be decorated. It is a general practice to use the same flowers used in wedding arch decorations for decorating the aisle chairs

Decorations for Artificial Outdoor Wedding Aisles

An aisle is to be artificially created in some cases. Here are some ideas for the aisle decoration and creation.

  • Wooden poles are tied on both sides to mark the aisle area
  • An aisle runner is spread between the rows of poles
  • The color of the aisle runner is chosen according to the theme of the wedding. If the chairs lining the aisle have light colored covers, the aisle runner can be in light color and so on
  • The poles lining the aisle are tied with colorful netted clothes to create a special welcoming path for the bride to walk
  • The poles can also be decorated with Styrofoam foam balls in different shapes. The balls can be tied on the chairs facing the aisle
  • The poles can also be decorated with colorful balloons
  • The petals in a contrasting color are spread on the aisle runner. If the aisle runner is in dark color, white petals can be spread
  • Decorate the aisle with interesting accessories like the kissing balls that would make your aisle colorful and beautiful. You can have your florist make them or make them yourself with the help of a wire and blossoms to create a ball of beautiful flowers.
  • You can also hang a colorful ribbon from each ball to make it look even more attractive and hang them from sides of the chairs or from pillars for decoration
  • If it is a beach wedding, add some natural corals on the sides of the aisle to give the authentic feel of a romantic beach wedding
  • Materials like tulle or chiffon can be draped over seats and pinned at the back with a bunch of roses or other flowers according to the theme. This gives a very romantic effect in a beautiful garden setup.
  • Palm fronds, lilies, and peacock feathers can be used to decorate the aisle by just inserting them in a definite fashion in the chairs
  • Lanterns make for brilliant aisle decorating accessories when used in an evening wedding, they give such a dreamy feel to the wedding
  • If you are a creative person, extend your creativity to its limits by personalizing the aisle and writing one line messages on the aisle itself
  • Keep the flowers as a main item to decorate the aisle if you have decorated the outdoor wedding venue with flowers
  • There are many ways to create and decorate the aisle of a beach wedding as there are many options for it; organza draping is a great way to decorate the flower stands and topiary trees
  • Small or big flower stands make for awesome decorative accessories for your aisle and exotic leaves can also be used along with flowers so as to attract the wedding guests
  • Semi arches can be made to stand on either sides of the aisle and decorated with white blossoms to give the wedding a dreamy feel

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