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Walking down the aisle is one of the most overwhelming and memorable aspect of the wedding for the demure bride. The aisle runner is a kind of the carpet rolled down in her honor.

Basic Information Regarding Aisle Runner for Outdoor Wedding

Aisle Runner for Outdoor Wedding

Wedding aisle runners are long strips of plastic, cloth, or vinyl which are spread between the two rows of the chairs. A wedding runner is generally used to protect the expensive wedding gown of the bride from dirt.

An aisle runner is an important piece of decoration in the wedding. The significance of the wedding aisles is increased in the outdoor wedding conditions as they help to mark the ceremony area. An extra effort is needed to choose an aisle runner for the outdoor locations.

Sometimes the stairs are used as an aisle. In such cases, the steps need to be covered with aisle runners.

Practical Ideas for the Aisle Runner for Outdoor Wedding

As a rule, the outdoor wedding locations require an aisle that is sturdier. Most brides choose white or ivory runners. The aisle runner can be chosen in a color that complements the theme color of the wedding. Sometimes the aisle runners are chosen in a contrast color.

Visit the outdoor wedding location before choosing an aisle runner. If the location does not have a well marked ceremony area, the first step is that you have to mark it. Then, depending the number of the guests you are inviting, take the dimensions for the length of the aisle runner.

The width of the aisle runner can also very. If the garden walkways are to be used as aisles, the width of the runner needs to be matched with the walkway.

Bordered aisle runners are also available. If you are using a combination of colors for your wedding decorations, the colors of the aisle runners can be chosen to match those.

Materials for Aisle Runner for Outdoor Wedding

Synthetic runners are the best for outdoor weddings. These are available in white; they also have beautiful designs on theme. They can be available in the following materials:

  • A strong polymer runner
  • Felt runner
  • Vinyl runner
  • French Suresta Lace Aisle Runner

Unique Ideas for Outdoor Wedding Aisle Runner

  • Get the name of the bride and the groom inscribed on the runner along with the date of the marriage. This adds a special feel to the wedding
  • A meaningful phrase, a saying or some lines or designs related to the theme of the outdoor wedding, can also be inscribed or printed on the aisle runners
  • A beautiful embroidery, bead work, monograms, or some beautiful calligraphy are some other ideas for the aisle runners
  • It is also possible to paint, or embellish the theme of your outdoor wedding on these aisle runners
  • An aisle runner can also be rented. Always choose a sturdy aisle runner for the outdoor weddings. There are more chances of these getting damaged in these situations
  • It sometimes happens that the reception is to be hosted at some other location. While winding up, take care to first of all roll the aisle runner and then attend the other issues. The job should be assigned to somebody responsible

Aisle runners play an important role in outdoor weddings as the ground may be full of grass or sand that may get your shoes dirty. You can also have the bottom of your wedding dress dirty in the absence of a proper aisle. More importantly, the aisle runner should be of proper length as a short or long one can look odd and serves no purpose to protect your shoes or dress. Width of the aisle runner is also equally important. You can rent the aisle runner if you want and write a few messages on the aisle runner to make it more interesting. You can also opt for disposable aisle runners made of plastic that are easy to use. They can also be used in your wedding reception party and delight your guests.

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