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 Wedding Table Decoration Ideas

Wedding table decorations results in conversion of functional furniture to an inherent part of the decor. These decorations result in a lovely tableau for the reception. The various types of tables that are decorated are as follows.

  • Head table
  • Gift table
  • Signing table
  • Buffet table
  • Sweetheart table
  • Grooms table
  • DJ Booth
  • Guest tables
  • Cake table

Examples of Wedding Table Decoration Ideas


  • Rope lights along the periphery of the tables
  • Twinkle lights hanged around the sides of the tables. These must be wrapped in lace or tulle
  • Candles on mirrors or floating candles
  • Tea lights or candle centerpieces as accents


Sprinkles can be used individually or blended with centerpieces. This is a cheap and quick way to decorate the tables. Some examples of sprinklers are as follows.

  • Small sea shells
  • Mini rose buds
  • Glass beads or rocks
  • Faux Ice cubes in case of a winter wedding
  • Autumn leaves for a fall wedding
  • Petals or roses or other flowers
  • Confetti or Glitter that would match the wedding colors

Cloths and Covers

The most usual choice for weddings is the use of classic white table cloths.

  • Drape cloths along the periphery of the table. This adds to the visual impact
  • Select lace or patterned cloths for more detail
  • In order to create a central runner, use ribbons, streamers, or layered cloth napkins. This would add color to the table cloth


  • At the back of the cake table or the head table, add a backdrop
  • Buffet tables should be arranged in U-shape
  • As compared with rectangular tables, small oval or round tables look more attractive. Arranging these tables in clusters results in more mingling


  • If you intend to have edible centerpieces, then a salt water taffy, a fruit bowl, or carved vegetables is a good idea
  • It is possible to use unusual items like picture frames, mirrors, ice sculptures, and autumn leaves
  • If the bridal bouquet and bridesmaids bouquets are made a part of the centerpieces, this results in saving of money
  • Breakaway centerpieces can also be used as wedding favors

Tips of Wedding Table Decoration Ideas

  • Adorn chairs with ribbons or covers
  • Coordinate colors of table cloths, napkins, china, and other items
  • Add place cards to help in the seating arrangements
  • Decorate individual plates with elaborately folded napkins
  • For immediate elegance, select glasses, cutlery, and china

Wedding Table Decoration Ideas as per wedding theme

The tables can be decorated using the items listed below.

    Halloween theme
  • Spiders
  • Cats
  • Severed fingers
  • Ghosts
  • Skulls
  • Grave stones
  • Witches
  • Tropical theme
  • Papaya
  • Banana
  • Lime
  • Pineapple
  • Lemon
  • Christmas theme
  • Rose leaves
  • Holy leaves
  • Santa's snowmen
  • Reindeer
  • Puddings
  • Boxes with goodies
  • Beach theme
  • Sea urchins
  • Crabs
  • Lobsters
  • Killer whales
  • Dolphins
  • Marzipan seashells

Cheap but stylish table accessories like spoons, knives and table covers can be bought to decorate your table. Just keep your wedding theme in mind while shopping for these accessories as they should match the theme. You can also buy glass table coasters and personalize them with your initials and decorate the wedding tables. This will add to the personal touch that your guests would appreciate.

The coasters are also available in different sizes and shapes. Heart-shaped coasters make for beautiful table decoration accessories. Add a few love messages on the coasters to increase the joy of wedding celebrations. Crystal bears and toys can be added to the table decorations to make the tables look elegant and beautiful. Crystal kissing swans make for awesome centerpieces for tables.

Attractive place card holders and also bottle openers make the tables very amazing and your guests are sure to appreciate your efforts. Scented candles in large glass holders at the centre make for excellent centerpieces. Hand mirrors and sandalwood fans are good ways to decorate the tables as well as wow the ladies. First of all, plan the table layout and then think about the decorations.

Also, take care of the decor of the wedding venue while planning for the table decorations. Fresh or artificial flowers can be used to decorate the tables creatively. Carnations also make for excellent centerpieces that may or may not be kept in vases. If your's is a beach wedding, one can go for sand castles or other sand structures.

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