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Wedding Reception Set Up Ideas

In a wedding reception, the set up ideas are important due to the following reasons.
The guests

  • Must have adequate room to be seated comfortably at the tables
  • Must be able to move around and visit others
  • Should be able to take part in dance post dinner

In order to fulfill this aim, the setup ideas for the following must be planned.

  • Every eight to ten guests must have minimum one table
  • Any entertainment like a disc jockey or a band must have a stage
  • There must be a bar location and a buffet line
  • The dance floor
  • The wedding cake table (this must be at an outstanding spot away from the dance floor)
  • The bride and the groom must have a head table

Outdoor Wedding Reception Set Up Ideas

  • In order to prevent sunlight from entering the eyes of the guests, it is essential to have umbrellas or canopies
  • In case of a night reception, it is essential to make arrangements for the lighting and electricity
  • The venue managers, vendors and coordinators must be given walkie-talkies. This would enable them to talk regarding any crucial issues about the set up

An Example of Wedding Reception Set Up Ideas

  • There can be a plan to keep aside three hours to set up the venue of the reception along with a crew of helpers
  • Tables must be arranged for the following
    • The Head Table for the bride and the groom
    • Guests
    • Disc Jockey
    • Desserts
    • Buffet
    • Gifts
    • Guest book
    • Wedding cake
  • It is advisable to rent a few extra tables excluding those listed above
  • Sometimes open flame is not permitted and this point must be considered in the set up of candles. Candles can be placed in a holder. It is safest to have floating candles
  • In order to set up the decorations, it is essential to draw diagrams to plan out how the various objects would be placed. For this, there is a need to take measurements and check for extension cords and plugs
  • The bar area must have space for keeping the glasses
  • The next point to consider is whether there is a need of an extra table in the kitchen. For kitchen purposes, it is essential to bring aprons, towels, oven mitts, utensils etc
  • There must be some locations for placing the garbage cans. These cans must be dressed up with a paper table cloth
  • In order to light candles, avoid match boxes and instead choose lighters
  • Make the guests aware of the positions of the fire doors and fire extinguishers by some displays

Cocktail Wedding Reception Set Up Ideas

The floor must have plenty of free space and should not be cluttered. The reason is that the guests must be able to keep moving and mingling.

  • The catering staff must have room to serve appetizers
  • There must be seating and lounging regions
  • Guests must have cocktail tables to rest their glasses

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