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In any wedding, the decoration on the tables sets the style and tone of the wedding day. While the guests are having their meal, they feel that the centerpiece is the focal point of the event. If the wedding centerpieces are unique and spectacular, they result in an element of surprise and sophistication.

Instances of Wedding Centerpiece Decoration Ideas

Wedding Centerpiece Decoration Ideas

  • In an oriental themed wedding, large origami creations or a bonsai tree is used as a centerpiece.
  • If a beach theme is being pursued, then miniature wooden boats painted with the table number or fishbowls can be the ideas for a centerpiece.

Other instances of wedding centerpiece decorations are as follows.

  • Family photographs or hand written poems in ornate picture frames.
  • Something edible like Hershey's Kisses, chocolate lollipops, and candy.
  • Although any object is used, it can be adorned with balloons, streamers, and glitter.
  • Using fruits is one of the options.
  • Candles are a very obvious choice. However, keep the following things in mind.
    • Does the venue have any prohibitions regarding the use of naked flames?
    • The bowls or holders of the candles must be heat-resistant.
    • For an elegant look, buy candelabras for every table.
    • If the ceremony is during the day, candles are not advisable as they cannot be prominently seen in daylight.
    • In case the venue is dimly light, the arrangement of candles can create a stunning effect.
  • Approach a wholesaler and purchase flowers to create simple floral displays e.g. some tulips in a glass vase. This is a very inexpensive option.
  • The wedding bouquets of the bridesmaids can be used as centerpieces. This is a method to reap the total benefits of these bouquets.
  • Adorn terracotta pots beautifully. Place plants in these that bloom flowers, the colors of which are matching to the wedding theme colors.

Examples of Wedding Centerpiece Decoration Ideas

  • Phalaenopsisis is a flower of the orchid family that is called as the 'butterfly orchid'. It has a velvet color and has delicate wings. Use this flower in a vase or bowl along with floating candles
  • Take a bowl having water and insert some fluttering butterflies in it. Float the flying insects on the water. This is a very attractive centerpiece decoration
  • Select an hourglass. At the bottom, place any single piece of flower. At the top, place a candle. This is a well-designed and elegant example
  • Import hand blown glasses from Europe, Place floating candlesticks in these. These look stunning and lovely
  • Arrange a small aquarium and release interesting sea creatures in it. Permit the guests to play with these creatures
  • If children are invited to the wedding, chocolate must be used as a material for centerpieces. Some objects are as follows
    • Molds of the bride and the groom
    • Heart shaped chocolates
    • Chocolate fountains
  • Some green objects for creating the wedding centerpieces are as follows
    • Frigs
    • Limes
    • Granny Smith apples
    • Jelly beans
    • Green grapes

Wedding centerpieces should be designed and decorated according to the season of wedding. For example,

  • You can keep some crystal flowers and stars or crystal snowflakes in a vase for winter wedding
  • A tray of grilled food or barbeque would be the best option for table centerpieces decorations. You can keep tray of grilled vegetables or chicken barbeque as centerpieces. Be sure, your guests like this type of centerpieces most than other types of centerpieces.
  • For summer wedding you can keep some tropical flowers, fruit basket, tray of vegetable, or fruit salad as centerpieces. Glass jar filled with cold fruit juice would be a good idea of centerpieces for summer weddings.
  • Keeping tray of cookies or pastries or cup cakes is the ever green (it suits in all seasons) idea for centerpieces
  • Miniature wedding cake would be the best centerpiece idea for any season wedding
You must consider the time, theme, and location of wedding while doing wedding centerpieces decoration.
  • If the wedding is at night then any type of light like traditional lanterns or paper lanterns or various types of candles would be the best idea for wedding centerpiece decoration
  • For day time wedding you can keep miniature wedding cake or cup cake or flowers (fresh or artificial) to decorate centerpieces
  • Small couple of dancing dolls or statue of dancing bride and groom would be a good table centerpiece for traditional Christian wedding theme
  • Small statue of Cinderella would be a good centerpiece for Cinderella wedding theme
  • For color wedding themes you can keep fresh or artificial or crystal flowers (that color theme you have) as centerpiece
  • Miniature Christmas tree (decorated) would be the best table centerpiece for Christmas or winter weddings
  • For eco friendly wedding theme you can keep miniature plants (real) as table centerpieces
  • You can keep a glass jar or bowl or vessel filled with colored stones, shells and lighten orange or blue or white color candle in it. This would be the perfect wedding centerpiece idea for beach wedding.
While thinking about the ideas for wedding centerpieces decorations you must consider all these things that are season, time and theme of your wedding to make unique wedding centerpieces.

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