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Wedding Cake Decoration Ideas

The wedding cake can be looked up to as the grand finale of the reception. Obviously, it should be delicious and beautiful. You can discuss with your cake baker regarding the wedding cake décor. Some helpful cake decoration ideas have been briefed below.

Marzipan Wedding Cake Decoration Ideas

  • Marzipan is prepared from ground almonds and sugar. So, it has a distinct sweet and smooth almond flavor
  • This substance is very malleable. So, it can be used to create realistic shapes for decoration of the wedding cake. Shapes like roses, small blossoms, oranges, apples, berries, and pears can be created
  • Marzipan is also available in flower shapes
  • It can be used as an icing on the wedding cakes

Chocolate Ganache Wedding Cake Decoration Ideas

  • This is the richest wedding cake decoration option
  • A mixture of chocolate and heavy cream is called as Chocolate ganache
  • For a long time, couples had a desire for pale colored or white cakes. However, nowadays, the popularity of dark brown chocolate ganache wedding cakes is increasing
  • These cakes have a sleek and modern look
  • As this substance has a tendency to melt, it is most suitable for winter and fall seasons

Buttercream Wedding Cake Decoration Ideas

  • Buttercream is regarded as a classic wedding cake icing
  • It is very sweet and results in a creamy and soft appearance
  • It is made up of sugar and creamed butter
  • As compared to other decorations, this is less expensive
  • Buttercream is easy to work with and color
  • In warm temperatures, the cream might melt. So, it is not a good alternative for outdoor wedding and/or summer weddings. However, if the venue is temperature controlled, this is a good option

Fondant Wedding Cake Decoration Ideas

  • Fondant is a substance made from corn syrup and gelatin
  • It gives a silky smooth and stiff look to the wedding cakes
  • Absolutely any shape you can think of, can be made from fondant
  • The advantage of this substance is that it can withstand warm temperatures without melting. So, it can be used in summer and/or outdoor weddings
  • Using fondant, cover the wedding cakes with butterflies, swirly shapes, lace, flowers, any wild shapes, and exotic flowers

Tips for Wedding Cake Decorating Ideas

  • Nowadays, in modern and laid-back weddings, hexagonal, octagonal, and square shapes are gaining popularity
  • In between the cake layers, use thick bands of sugar paste flowers, sugared fruits, and fresh berries
  • The classic wedding cake choice is a white, round, three-tiered wedding cake
  • The most fashionable fresh flowers that are used in decorations are gardenias, tulips, calla lilies, and orchids
  • Use sewing inspired elements like fondant buttons

A pastry bag is a tool utilized to decorate a wedding cake. Similarly, a pastry cone is also handy in this regard. Both of these can be used to make simple to intricate decorations. A pastry cone can be prepared from parchment paper, wax paper, and cellophane.

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