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Wedding Altar Decoration Ideas

In a wedding, one of the focal points is the altar. It is expected that the altar decorations should represent the ideals, themes, and spirit of the day. In case of those weddings in a synagogue or church, it must be remembered that holy institutions have some decorating restrictions. So, it is recommended to discuss these with the rabbi, priest, or pastor.

Candles as Wedding Altar Decoration Ideas

Candles result in a romantic ambience. Along the edges of the altar steps, you may use tealight votives to create and elegant border. It is also advisable to use Unity candles. The concept of the Unity candle is that it symbolizes that the wedding is causing two lives to become one.

Decorate the rear section of an altar by using tall white Eucharistic type of candles.

Flowers as Wedding Altar Decoration Ideas

It is advised to scatter rose petals not only on the aisle but also on the wedding altar steps. This precept may be followed in an indoors as well as an outdoors wedding. It ensures that the gaze of the viewers proceeds from the aisle to the altar.

Wrap flower garlands around buttresses. Hang flower garlands delicately from chairs. A great wedding accent for the altar is the use of grapevines. Create an equally lovely display by the use of quality silk petals.

During major holidays, churches should have baskets of flowers on tall stands encircling the altar region. One of the ideas is that the baskets should contain the same flowers as the bouquet.

Tulle as Wedding Altar Decoration Ideas

Tulle is a sheer stiffened nylon, rayon, or silk. A very common altar decoration is the use of tulle. It can be used to make beautiful bows that are placed on both sides of the altar. Also, the podium and nearby columns should be decoration with swags.

Outdoor Wedding Altar Decoration Ideas

On either side of the raised platform, include clusters of balloons or a balloon arch. One may also have colorful banners on the wedding altar. Some examples of enticing wedding altar centerpieces are an arbor full of thorny branches and/or greenery.

Couples can enlarge some photographs pertaining to their childhood. These can be put on easels which are placed near to the altar.

Every couple desires to say their 'I do's' on a dramatic and beautiful arch that would automatically make them an object of attention. For this to happen, the altar must have flowers, ribbons, and tulle.

The couple should arrange a table that would be centered behind them during the ceremony. This table should have large floral arrangements. These flowers can be of two types as follows - Those matching the bouquet as well as those that are exciting and wild e.g. lilies and daisies. In order to enable a lovely backdrop, it is essential to choose vases that are interesting and colorful.

In case of an outdoor wedding, there is a possibility that the attention of the guests may be towards the surroundings. In order to draw it back towards the altar, it should be made a bit flashy.

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