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Sometimes when we think out of the box and brainstorm wedding decoration ideas, some truly unique ideas come to our mind.

Instances of Unique Wedding Decoration Ideas

Unique Wedding Decoration Ideas

  • Take decorative bowls and insert your favorite candies in those. These could be M&Ms or jellybeans. Ensure that these candies are in the wedding colors. A centerpiece so created would definitely become popular with the guests

  • Arrange some shallow bowls and place floating candles in those. They add light and elegance to the tabletops. At the bottom of these bowls, insert red hot candles or coffee beans to provide support to the candles

  • Arrange a mosaic of tiles or mirrors and place multi-level candles on those

  • Decanters and wine bottles are riveting focal pieces. Take a wine bottle and at the base insert bunches of grapes. Fill candle oil in the bottle and add a wick. In this way, a wine bottle can be transformed to a lamp

  • A novel concept is to display stacks of books
    • Select antique leather-bounds for sophisticates
    • Use kitschy romance novels for a rather fun approach
    • In a beachside wedding, select classics like 'The Old Man and the Sea' and 'Moby Dick'

  • Take inspiration from nature and include natural objects like twigs, pinecones, leaves, and stones to have an artistic look. Scatter these objects amongst pillar candles or place them in rustic containers

  • Include some aesthetically shaped vases and have goldfish swimming in these. Keeping in mind the needs of these fish, add water and these fish just before the reception. As soon as the party is complete, return these fish to the larger tank

  • Choose cylindrical glass vases and insert vegetables and fruits in those. A more contemporary outlook is to include coconuts and mangos. Some examples of texture-rich earthy vegetables are artichokes, acorn squash, or husked corn

  • Select some ornate frames and build a structure from those. There might be photos of the couple, their parents, and their grandparents. These photos, particularly of the grandparents and parents serve as an inspiration of time-tested love

Examples of Unique Wedding Decoration Ideas

  • Buy gingerbread houses from a baker or make your own. Consider cutting this house to make windows. In this way, it can be illuminated with LED lights placed inside. Border this house with potpourri pine cones and tiny Christmas lights. Center this house in a wreath

  • Take round fish bowls or aquatic vases and arrange some layers of colored stones or marbles at the base. Pour water at room temperature in these containers. Pick up any fresh water fish like bettas. Adorn these containers with ribbon or tulle

  • Purchase figurine display domes. Loop a fishing wire around the rose. Glue this wire to the top of the dome. Now, cut the rose in such a way that it appears to float in midair. For extra dazzle, add a mirror or sparkling tulle circle below the dome

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