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There are several simple ideas for wedding decorations. These range from ivy covered trellises to aisle candles to floral pew garlands. If the wedding is in a church, then the stairs of the church need decoration.

Simple Wedding Decoration Ideas for the Pew and the Aisle

Simple Wedding Decoration Ideas

  • Scatter flower petals on the aisle. Along the edges of the aisle, place decorative garden stones
  • Let us consider an outdoor wedding. For this, take tall pyramid shaped trellises and cover these with flowers and ivy. Place these as pillars at the beginning of the aisle. Also, place these on both sides of the Officiant. Some trellises have the shape of a heart
  • Buy wreath hangers or door hooks from any hardware store. Attach these to the church doors or pews. Use a matching fabric to wrap the metal part of the hook. These hooks can now be used to hang various types of decorations
  • Let us think about an evening wedding. For security reasons, select battery tea candles and place these in small glass containers. Arrange these on each end of the pew or row of seating
  • In order to adorn the gift table and head table, use beaded garlands or rows of tiny silver beads
  • Run floral garlands between the entrances of the chairs or pews. Consequently, the guests cannot enter the pew from the aisle side and would have to enter the pew from the other side. Due to this, the aisle would be reserved for the couple and the wedding party

Simple Wedding Decoration Ideas for the outside of the venue

  • Buy cheap bushel baskets. Paint them using apple green color. Insert white hydrangeas in them
  • In case of an outdoor wedding, hire a skillful gardener. Ask him to shape the hedges and bushes in the shape of hearts, cupids, and angels. It is also possible to shape potted bushes
  • Place cheap terra cotta pots filled with colorful flowers on each stair of the church. It is possible to reuse these pots at the reception
  • Below the outside chairs of the church, lay a red carpet runner

Random Simple Wedding Decoration Ideas

  • When there is an outdoor evening ceremony, use invisible fish wire to hang tea light lanterns on tree limbs. For security purposes, use battery operated candles. It is advisable to use round and glass hanging candle holders
  • It is a good idea to leave some disposable cameras on the pews as well as on the reception tables. This makes it possible to get some frank photos of the ceremony and the reception
  • Close to the door of the church, place an easel, and arrange a large framed engagement photo of the couple
  • In order to create an excellent ambience for the wedding, it is essential to have beautiful scent. There are two ways to achieve this
    • Place huge pots of lavender around the church
    • Burn scented candles or sticks

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