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As compared to indoor decorations, decorating for an outdoor wedding is an easy task. The reason is that the beauty of the nature is an excellent backdrop. When you choose outdoor wedding decor, remember that simplicity is the key.

Use of Colors in Outside Wedding Decoration Ideas

Outside Wedding Decoration Ideas

As per the season, the following color scheme should be followed in the decorations.

  • Winter: Pale blue or White
  • Autumn: Deep chocolate brown, terracotta, or apricot
  • Spring: Lilacs, Blue, and Pink

As per the section of the day, the following recommendations for color may be observed.

  • Afternoon or Evening: White-on-White or White with Silver
  • Daytime: The color must enhance the decor

Tips for Outside Wedding Decoration Ideas

  • Pay a visit to the outdoor site at least 7 days prior to the wedding. Ensure that the grass has been mown, the ground has been scraped up, and the flowers have been bloomed
  • If a public park is the venue of the wedding, then ask some friends or groomsmen to perform the above mentioned operations during the morning of the wedding day
  • Use farolitas, torches, luminaries, lanterns, and strings of light or lanterns
  • Have an arch or trellis and frame the couple in them when they are saying the vows
  • In the cold season, combine the flowers with some potted bulbs from a florist

Instances of Outside Wedding Decoration Ideas

Backyard Wedding

  • Use huge white canopy tents
  • In these tents, have a string of white lights to result in a soft glow at night
  • Adorn the tent polls with wedding flowers and colors
  • Rent a dance floor
  • In case wind is a problem, avoid using candles

Woods Wedding

  • Wedding dresses are usually white. It is essential to protect these from grass stains, dirt, or any other substances on the ground. So, use a good runner on the aisle. These are made up of different fabrics and can match any color scheme
  • Make bouquets from local wildflowers
  • The centerpieces may be colorful arrangements of wildflowers
  • After the Sun sets, hang white lights from the trees for a romantic and soft glow. For more light, add some white lanterns

Beach Wedding

  • Create an aisle in the following manner. Rent short columns. Place a light and airy ribbon or fabric from one column to another
  • Arrange white chairs for the guests to sit on
  • Select simple flowers like lilies or daisies. These should not divert the attention of the guests from the beauty of the beach
  • Taking into account the ocean breeze, do not include candles. If at all you use vases, ensure that they have heavy bottoms that do not tip over
  • A combination of beach sand and frosting is not advisable. So, do not include the traditional cake and select a different dessert
  • Take heavy glass vases and fill these with seashells from the beach. Use these either as centerpieces or as heavy objects to prevent blowing away of those objects that can be blown away by the ocean breeze

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