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Free Wedding Decoration Ideas

Wedding is a very complicated and expensive affair, celebrated once in the lifetime. You have to properly plan out the wedding and only then you would get the desired ceremony. Decoration is a very important attribute of wedding. Hence, it is necessary to select the best wedding decor to bring out the desired mood and ambience of the wedding venue.

Some couples however, would like to go in for a limited budget for their wedding. So, you can go in for free wedding decoration ideas that would assist you in the task. It would help you to get some interesting ideas that can be used and would help you to undertake the planning process on your own.

You can easily access to the details about these free wedding decors from various online sites or books. There is a wide range of wedding decoration items which can be purchased from the various shops and help you to bring out the best wedding decors. You have to consider the theme for your wedding as well as the budget while selecting the decor.

You can even refer to the pictures of various decors and take ideas to prepare it. You can even take the help of your friends to prepare it. This process should begin well in advance to get them ready on time. It would help you to save money that would be spent to purchase this decor.

Moreover, the decor that can be prepared on your own could be produced for some other purpose as well. They can be used to decorate your house. You can check out the latest collection of decors that are available and select the best one from them.

Let us assume that you are so short of money that you intend to plan your wedding with free items as far as possible. This is not an impractical idea. The following explanation would enable you to begin such a planning.

Free Wedding Decoration Ideas of Centerpieces

  • Search your house for objects that could be used to create enticing centerpieces. Some of such objects are as follows
    • Mementos from your life
    • Candle sticks
    • Some pretty fabric
    • Anything that has some purport in your or your fiancees life
  • Now, approach your closest friends, siblings, and parents and ask them regarding any objects they have to adorn the wedding. For instance, each woman in a family has a crystal vase. Or, you may get some silver candlesticks.
  • A word of caution is that let us assume that your distant cousin or great aunt has offered you something. Then, on each such item you should attach a label having a message like 'property of Mr. Y' or 'On loan from Mrs. X'. The intent is that the guests should know that these objects are on loan and cannot be claimed. Another point which you must do is to publicly thank all those who have loaned their objects for your wedding.

Free Wedding Decoration Ideas of Favors

  • Let us consider that the town you live in has Hershey's and Ghiradelli's. Every time you walk in this shop, they offer you free samples of chocolate. So, you can make it a daily routine to walk in and collect free chocolates. These can further be used as wedding favors. You can also note down any other shop having identical facilities
  • When you have an extended stay at a hotel or frequently visit a hotel, you would notice that you have a pile up of lotions and shampoos. Generally, a high end company sponsors these as advertisement. All that you have to do is peel off the labels of these lotions and shampoos and attach your own labels. Now, these can be used as wedding favors
  • Another advantage of an extended stay in a hotel is that you end up with a plethora of small bags of coffee. Remove the coffee from these bags and insert it in small sealable bags. Seal these bags with double sided tape and attach your own labels

Free Wedding Decoration Ideas of Cakes

In order to enable a stress-free and easy wedding cake, it is recommended that brides should browse free wedding cake catalogs. In recent years, the alternative to free catalogs is to browse through online wedding cake picture galleries. When you select a certain cake, print the picture, and forward it to the baker.

A point to note is that although it has been mentioned in the previous paragraph, it is rather difficult to find such catalogs with local bakeries. The reason is that bakers generally develop design styles and specialties that other bakers should not imitate.

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