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DIY Wedding Decoration Ideas

The lighting of a wedding venue creates an instant atmosphere that sets the mood of the guests. The various DIY (Do It Yourself) ideas regarding lighting include the use of the following.

  • Flares, Torches, Chinese Lanterns, Lanterns, Candelabras
  • Tea lights, Candles
  • Different colored light bulbs, Light bulbs with low watts
  • Fairy Lights, Standard Lamps, Spot Lights

DIY Wedding Decoration Ideas of Drapes

  • Use curtains to hide the unsightly aspects or as dividers
  • If mock curtains are used, they can bring a different dimension to the room
  • Use curtains to create a false ceiling
  • If it is intended to use curtains as draft extractors, then it is essential to have a double layer of material or a thicker material
  • In case of a beach wedding, use large beach towels and sarongs
  • In an opulent Eastern theme wedding, saris are used

DIY Wedding Decoration Ideas of Statues and Cages

  • If the couple has an aesthetic outlook, then include some statues carved out of huge pieces of polystyrene and colored as per the wedding theme
  • The cupid firing his arrow is the most famous statue
  • Include cages comprising of butterflies or doves that may be released

DIY Wedding Decoration Ideas about Balloons

  • If your venue has adequate space, it is a good idea to float Helium balloons in large bunches
  • Use a compressor to blow up the balloons
  • The blowing up process can be performed at the wedding venue itself as it is troublesome to transport blown up balloons
  • Fix these balloons using staple guns, drawing pins etc
  • Another method is to use a net to suspend the balloons and release them once the wedding concludes

Do It Yourself Wedding Decoration Ideas about Flowers

  • Present the flowers in the following ways
    • Placing them on tables
    • Side mounting them on walls
    • Suspending them from ceilings
  • Ivy is a base foliage that compliments most of the flowers and is very versatile
    • It is available in plain or variegated forms
    • If you have shortage of funds, ivy is something you can grow in abundance
  • Weave the flowers using a ribbon having the same color as the flowers. Due to this, the flowers appear richer
  • In order to fill up huge spaces, insert potted plants containing palms
    • For the above, collect urns, watering cans, tall tin buckets and similar large receptacles
    • Pour sand in these
    • Place large foliage like tall grasses, sacred bamboo, and pampas grasses

It is not correct to believe that only the wedding decorations that are extreme are beautiful and elegant. If you opt for a black and white theme, then although you have a simple and affordable approach, you can have an air of sophistication. A precept is to select any one of the wedding colors and employ monochromatic decorations. One more alternative is to include seasonal decor.

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