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Presently, a large number of couples are finalizing to select a relative's or their own backyard as the venue for their wedding and reception. This results in a less expensive and an informal event. If the climate is nice and you have a well-manicured and large backyard, this is a proper setting for the ceremony.

Steps related to Backyard Wedding Decoration Ideas

 Backyard Wedding Decoration Ideas

  • Collect some net lights and miniature Christmas lights. Hang these over bushes, shrubbery, and trees. As the evening approaches, light up these
  • Approach some local social clubs and borrow some long tables and chairs
  • Cover white plastic over these tables
  • Use long strips of streamers to adorn the tables. The colors of the tables should match with the wedding colors
  • Place huge potted ferns on the cake table as well as the couple's table
  • Arrange a portable tent pavilion to prevent the rays of the Sun from reaching the cake. Around the top edges of this tent, hang icicle lights
  • Keep bouquets of silk flowers on the tables in a manner that they match the wedding colors
  • On the ground at the back of the bride and the groom's table, roll white plastic on the ground. Now, the bride will be able to sit down without being bothered of the wedding dress being dragged on the ground

Examples of Backyard Wedding Decoration Ideas


  • Place white linen cloth on each chair
  • At the chair seams, secure this cloth with a piece of lavender or purple ribbon
  • Arrange the chairs in rows. At the ends of these rows, place a short vase having pertinent flowers
  • The ground area on which the bride walks towards the rented wedding arch or the wedding gazebo should be covered with rose petals

Wedding arch

  • Wrap lavender ribbon and white tulle around the arch
  • On both sides of the arch, place two waist-high vases that contain flowers
  • Adorn the arch with artificial or silk flowers that match the wedding colors
  • If you feel it proper and essential, then ask the florist to perform the actual decorations of the arch


  • Spread a green runner and some white rose petals on the floor of the gazebo
  • Around the railings, along the support columns, and around the top of the gazebo, hang ivory and green wedding garlands. You may also use lavender ribbon


The intent is to have a beautiful and flawless landscape. For this, follow these steps

  • From the flower beds, remove wilting or fading flowers
  • Prune trees
  • Trim hedges
  • Mow the backyard
  • Ensure a general cleanup

Bifurcation of areas

It is essential to separate the ceremony and reception regions. For this, there are the following options.

  • Buy shepherd's hooks and spray white paint on them. Make many rows of lavender ribbon between them to separate the two regions
  • Construct a white picket fence
  • A double row of tall vases with flowers is also a divider

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