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Gay Wedding Ceremony

Gay couples have to face some additional issues before they decide what kind of ceremonies they can have for their marriage.

Now, since states in US are providing some marriage related benefits and rights to the gay couples, they also want to have some ceremonies performed to have some commitment in marriage.

The gay couples may have to face some difficulties in planning a wedding ceremony. Already, they have some budget constraints, but the discrimination from the wedding vendors is the most difficult part for planning a wedding ceremony.

The other constraints may be the pressures from the family and some everyday difficulties.

Due to these pressures, they have to think a lot before fixing and planning for some gay wedding ceremonies. They may also have to make certain agreements before they plan a ceremony.

Considerations for Planning a Gay Wedding Ceremony

  • Both the partners have to agree what kind of ceremony they want to perform i.e. do they want to have a religious wedding ceremony or a ceremony that has a more universal feel
  • If they need commitment in the wedding, they may include some religious traditions
  • Who are the guests that will agree to attend the ceremonies?
  • Once you decide the state in which you are going to marry, you can talk to the vendors and research about the venues available for the wedding
  • Choose only those venues which are gay friendly venues
  • Be prepared to face some hassles and discrimination when you talk to the vendors

Components of a Commitment in a Gay Wedding Ceremony

A commitment ceremony is decided with an idea of a long time commitment on the parts of the partners to stay together after the marriage. It has the following components:

  • An official offers greetings to the guests
  • The vows are read by the couples
  • Exchange of rings
  • The facilitator officially makes an announcement of the wedding between the partners

The best venue for the Gay Wedding Ceremonies

A Chapel in Las Vegas owned by a gay is the best chapel for the gay wedding ceremonies. The chapel provides the finest facilities to the couples. Many different packages are also offered to them.

The following are the highlights of this ceremony:

  • The stage of the chapel is specially decorated for the commitment ceremony
  • There is also a provision to perform themed wedding ceremonies
  • The chapel makes sitting arrangements for nearly 60 people
  • The music and sound system is provided by the chapel
  • A hand tied bouquet or a cascade or twelve roses is also provided to one partner
  • The other partner may wear a boutonniere to match with the cascade
  • Special Unity Candles are provided for the Ceremony
  • Dance floor for the first dance
  • Champagne Flutes
  • Champagne by St. Regis
  • Dressing room for the Bride
  • Service of a wedding photographer
  • Previews of the prints and 6 printed photographs
  • Professional Photography session
  • A DVD of the ceremony

Tips for planning a gay wedding ceremony are described below:

  • The first most important factor which is to be considered to plan a gay wedding is the wedding location. It is a bit difficult to decide a perfect wedding location and get the desired venue.
  • You can research and find out information about planning a Gay wedding ceremony. They would surely provide you all the required information to plan in order. Prepare a list of all the tasks and activities that are to be completed. You can use this list as your wedding checklist which can be used in a very systematic fashion.
  • You have to make arrangements from the best of wedding photographers, caterers, and florists and select the invitation cards yourself. All these activities are to be completed well in advance to avoid the last minute interruptions.
  • You can even get some very interesting ideas on the internet or form various magazines that would help you to draw the plan for wedding as per your desire.
  • You can make inquire or place orders for the essential aspects required for wedding on the internet or can purchase it from the shops.

Here are some topics associated with gay wedding ceremonies:

Therefore, the details outlined above will surely help you to plan out a gay wedding ceremony as per your desire.

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