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Finding a wedding venue can be quite mind boggling, especially when you have to fit everything into your budget. This a very crucial part of wedding day preparations and couples are very careful in choosing their venue. There are several cheap wedding venues in Oregon which give you the option of having your dream wedding within the budget that you plan. The only thing that you need is a lot of planning and a host of creative ideas from both of you. You can also take the help of your family and friends to decide your dream venue.

Horning's Hideout

Cheap Wedding Venues in Oregon

This is one of the premier outdoor wedding and reception venues in Portland. They provide the perfect setting for an outdoor wedding and that too at affordable rates. They have three wedding venues and you can choose one that suits your requirements; all these venues are different from each other. Te one thing that is common amongst these venues is that if you choose these locations, you will be able to get picturesque views of the lush green trees, gardens, lake, woods and creek. Their packages include tables and chairs with linens, canopies, stage area, arbor and electrical stage. A very unique thing about this venue is that if you rent this venue, you can use it for the entire day. This is usually not allowed at most of the wedding venues. They have ample space to accommodate 100 to several hundred guests. So this is an ideal location for a huge gathering. This venue is located about 20 miles from Portland, in a beautiful canyon. You can enjoy your day and your guests can go for camping after the celebrations are over.

Yellow Gold Farm

This wedding venue is very easily accessible as it is nestled in the heart of Oregon's Willamette Valley between Albany and Lebanon. It is spread over an area of six acres and looks a perfect place to get married with its large white gazebo, waterfall pond, huge old trees, and seasonal blooms. The picturesque views make a perfect backdrop to click your pictures. They have a 900 square foot cottage for their clients to prepare for the celebrations. They can easily accommodate about 350 guests. The rates vary according the number of guests that you plan to invite. The rents are inclusive of an event coordinator, use of the grounds, utilization of the wedding house, white chairs, round tables, buffet tables, and ample parking spaces.

The Patriot Hall

This hall is located in Tualatin in Oregon. It offers huge event space at very reasonable rates. It is ideal for a crowd of about 120 guests. They have a very spacious dance floor, a fully equipped kitchen, and free parking. They are also located close to the freeway. The elegant hall has lovely chandeliers that make the place look bright. There dance floor has a movable stage for the DJ. They also have an event manager to assist you in your events.

Rickreall Event Hall, LCC

Rickreall Event Hall is located in a small county town of Rickreall in Oregon. It was previously a school and so is very commonly called Historical Rickreall Grade School. It is available for rent at an hourly or daily basis. It is suitable for all types of parties like wedding ceremony, reception, bridal shower, rehearsals, and so on. You can rent this space at very reasonable rates for a maximum of 300 guests. The rates vary according to the number of guests you plan to invite and are inclusive of the tables and chairs, linens, and select equipments. They also have a playground for children.

You can arrange your wedding at Oregon Beach at an affordable cost. All the beaches in Oregon are open to public. However, you have to be careful about the area you choose for the rituals. You cannot mark your aisle through somebody's backyard as that would be trespassing.

Also, you need to be careful when taking pictures as you are bound to click some strangers on the beach. You can access the beach through the state park and pay some nominal fee for the day use. If you want to access the beach through the state way side through the parking area then they do not charge you. However, here you need to be careful about not trespassing anybody's private property.

Some of these beach parks have covered shelters in case of bad weather. These vary from a rustic look to a deluxe look and hence also in the price range. You can get your wedding license if you are from another state. You can get a wedding license here at a certain cost. You can do this process after you arrive on the beach. However, in this case you would require your documents like a passport, driver's license or a military id if you have.

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