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Cheap weddings are for the couples who have to work on a tight budget. There can be a number of ideas to save the money. Read the tips given below and find out how money can be saved.

Tips for the Cheap Weddings

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The first important thing for having an affordable wedding is to prepare the best plan for the wedding. The best planning is the key element to have a hit and successful wedding. Hiring the services of a wedding planner may help you to plan the marriage without hassles. However, if a cheap wedding is your concern, you can be your own wedding planner and coordinator.

Paying attention to the each and every component of the wedding helps you to save money. Here is how you can plan your wedding for cheap:

  • If you are having an outdoor wedding, choose a venue that can be rented for a small amount. For instance, a local garden or you can also have your personalized wedding planned at the backyards of your friend or relative
  • If you have no hurry, plan your wedding in a season that offers good weather. So, that you do not have to spend money on making alternative arrangements for the bad weather. You can enjoy a hassle free outdoor wedding
  • You can make a list of the caterers and bakers in your area. You can make a comparative study and choose the vendor which provides good service for cheap
  • You may have cheap wedding decorations and cheap wedding invitations
  • The budget for your wedding can also be cut down by having some informal and cheap wedding dresses

Ideas for Cheap Weddings Decorations

  • You may use seasonal blooms for decorating the ceremony and reception area.
  • Seasonal flowers can also be used as centerpieces in small earthen or terra cotta pots which can be also used as wedding favors
  • Candles are very cheap decorative pieces. You may use cheap centerpieces based on the theme of your wedding and surround them by votive candles or tea lights
  • Beautiful votive candles having personalized labels for the guests can serve as the best wedding favors
  • Use white twinkle lights hanging from the ceilings of tents or reception halls. These can also be placed on pillars
  • Use disco balls and cheap party lights for the dance floor decorations.
  • Make your cake a focal point of your party decorations by setting up your cake table in the most prominent position
  • The cake can have a simple seasonal decoration with seasonal elements. Edible decorations can also be used
  • Think of some simple wedding cake toppers which can be instantly admired by your guests

Here are some topics associated with cheap weddings:

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