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The Catholic wedding symbols form a part of the rituals and time defying traditions. The symbols used in a Catholic wedding are like a representation of acts and feelings expressed through the symbols. These symbols have certain underlying meaning attached to it.

Catholic Wedding Symbols and Meanings

  • The white color of the wedding dress that the bride wears is a symbol of virginity and purity. Long back, it was believed that if anyone was pregnant before the wedding or was getting married for the second time, then they could not wear this white dress

  • The round ring: The round shape of the ring symbolizes the never ending love between the two people getting married. The round shape is a continuation which symbolizes that it has no start and no finish. The ring when wore by the couple will remind them of the love which is deep and never ending

  • The veil: The veil is placed on the bride's head and on the groom's shoulder. It's a symbol of the duties and responsibilities that have been mentioned in the Ephesians 6. For the wife, the veil means to surrender to her husband's leadership in the married life ahead. In the Catholic faith, Christ is recognized as the head of the church and the church is his bride. The husband's responsibility and submission of the wife to his leadership is excellently represented in this symbol. The veil also meant that the bride is innocent, modest, and virgin and holding a good reputation

  • Wedding bells: The bell rings as the bride and the groom come out of the church. The sound symbolizes waving off evil spirits to provide good fortune to the newly wed. The wedding bells are a symbol for the undying love, commitment, and honesty that the couples hold for each other. The sounds of the bells are pleasant to hear, and mark the conclusion of the grand ceremony

  • The lucky sweep: If on the way to a church you see a chimney sweep and even better, if you get the chance to see the sweeps brush coming out from the top of the chimney, then any of these two incidents is considered to bring good luck. So, if the couples get to see the above, it's believed that they have got the fortune of love and henceforth their life will be full of luck and happiness

  • Sitting arrangement: In the church, the family, relatives, and friends of the bride and the groom sit on opposite sides. This act is symbolic in cutting the blood covenant. It also shows that the participants in the wedding have sacrificed for the Holy union of the couple

  • Father escorting the bride symbolizes the transfer of responsibility and care to her husband. It also symbolizes that the father has done his best to give his daughter as pure and virgin to her husband

  • White runner and Center aisle: The white runner is a symbol of the Holy ground where the two souls are joined as one, by Lord. The Center aisle symbolizes a meeting ground for the establishment of the blood covenant

  • Sitting of parents: The sitting of parents in the church at a prominent place symbolizes their responsibility for the union of the couples

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