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Roman Catholic Wedding Requirements

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Roman Catholic Wedding Requirements

Roman Catholic weddings are filled with rich traditions and customs which hold a very deep meaning to the marriage. The traditional procedures are followed to pay respect to the God's creation and the creation of man and woman to be joined together, for the continuation of mankind.

This is the reason why a church is the best place to get wed and for the wedding to get most significantly symbolized and sanctified.

It is extremely necessary to follow the Roman Catholic wedding traditions for a perfect Roman Catholic wedding. The couple has to be aware of these traditions and its requirements. There are plenty of sources from which you can research about this tradition and its requirements.

The couple has to start their planning process by gathering information about the Roman Catholic traditions. It would help you to streamline the necessary details which are required to be aware of while planning a ceremony.

You can go through various websites and magazines that would help you to sort out all the details required to organize a wedding. It would help you to remember all the customs properly and follow it without forgetting any of them.

You can take the help of the wedding planner or even your friends who have planned their own wedding. They would provide you the tips and also instruct you with the desired process and customs to be followed for a perfect Roman Catholic wedding.

You can even consult the priest and understand all the customs that are to be followed. They would brief you about the requirements for the Roman Catholic wedding. Besides, these they would also inform you about the documents to be submitted and the pre marital requirements for the wedding.

You can clear all your doubts and get answers for your queries regarding the Roman Catholic wedding and traditions. They would also inform you about the significance of these customs for a better understanding.

The Roman Catholic Wedding Requirements

  • Roman Catholics recognize marriage only between a man and a woman
  • As marriage between the same gender is not recognized by the church, so it cannot be conducted in a church
  • The couple to get married should not be relatives or blood-related
  • The minimum age of man should be 17 years and of the woman 15 years to get wed. In case, either of the couple is a minor, their parent's consent is required
  • A marriage license is must for the couples getting married
  • One has to have free will for getting married, i.e. he/ she should not be pressurized by an external force to get into the relationship
  • The priest has to be informed at least six or sometimes even twelve months in advance of the wedding, so that the church can book the place and the date for the couple
  • Both the bride and the groom have to be Roman Catholic for publication of banns
  • If either of the partner is not a Roman Catholic, then the priest's permission is required for the wedding venue. The priest can select a Roman Catholic church or a non Roman Catholic church
  • The priest's approval is required for the couple to get married. He will give the approval after he councils and interviews them, to judge that they will take the relationship seriously and fulfill all desired responsibilities
  • In case of a divorced couple getting married, a certificate of annulment has to be obtained. Only when a marriage is null in the eyes of the church, they can remarry
  • Inter-faith marriage is considered in Roman Catholics, but can only be recognized in a church
  • Weddings that take place in outdoor locations are not recognized. However, in some cases a special permission can be taken from the priest regarding the same
  • The couple has to promise to raise their children as per Catholic faith only
  • Secular music is not encouraged by Roman Catholic Church. A music which expresses love and surrender towards God is welcomed
  • The use of Unity candle is discouraged in a Roman Catholic Church

The couple to get married has to go through certain pre-marriage counseling to understand the meaning of certain things like those listed below.

  • The meaning and value of marriage
  • The essence of permanence
  • The involvement of role, prayers and church in marriage
  • Responsibilities and duties of marriage
  • Importance of children and responsibilities of parenthood
  • Family planning and physical relationship between spouses after marriage

Roman Catholic Wedding Requirements of important Documents

  • The prenuptial form
  • Baptismal certificates
  • Death certificates of ex spouse, if married before
  • An affidavit of free status
  • The annulment papers

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