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Recessional is that part of the ceremony when the wedding rituals are over and the newly weds proceed out of the church, happily. Recessional is not less grand than the wedding as the couple is now proud of their relationship as married people. So, music for the recessional must be grand.

The order of the recessional is as follows. The bride and the groom first proceed out of the church, followed by the bridesmaids and the ushers in pairs. Guests remain seated in the pews, until the wedding party proceeds out of the church. The recessional is not the end, but the beginning of a life filled with love, trust, and happiness. So, the recessional songs must be lovable and joyous enough to match the mood of happiness.

It may be noted that the order of the recessional is just the opposite of the processional order.

A List Of Catholic Wedding Recessional Songs

Provided below is a brief list of Catholic wedding recessional songs. You can choose from them as per your taste.

Names of the songArtist
Wedding MarchFelix Mendelssohn
Trumpet TuneHenry Purcell
The Dance Of YouthThe O'Neill Brothers
The Ash GroveTraditional
Trumpet VoluntaryClarke
The Thorn BirdsFrom The Thorn Birds
The Bottomless WellThe O'neill Brothers
Take Me Home, Country RoadsDanoff & Denver
Somewhere Over The Rainbow The Wizard Of Oz
Spring (From Four Seasons)Antonio Vivaldi
Singin' In The RainNacio Herb Brown
RondeauJean-Joseoph Mouret
Quaker Hymne (Lord Of The Dance)Traditional
O'neill's MarchTraditional
Ode To JoyLudwig V. Beethoven
Now Thank We All Our GodBach
May FlowersThe O'neill Brothers
Halls Of IvyVick Knight & Henry Russell
Jesus, Joy Of Man's DesiringJ.S. Bach
Finale (From Water Music)George F. Handel
Every DayThe O'neill Brothers
Dr. O'NeillTraditional
Climb Ev'ry MountainRodgers & Hammerstein
Canon In FHe O'Neill Brothers

Some Tips To Choose the Catholic Wedding Recessional Songs

  • It's advised to start the planning of selection of music two to three months in advance.
  • The Catholic wedding recessional song has no such rules set by the church regarding what music must be played. So, choose music which reflects love and happiness.
  • The music that you choose for the recessional must reflect the strong bond between the couple and their relationship which has started from the church's aisle.
  • A traditional song can be a good idea. However, you can include modern music also. This is the best time to put songs of your choice.
  • Keeping in mind that it's your wedding ceremony, the theme is very important. As per the location of your wedding, you can select compatible music.
  • The recessional is followed by the reception, so keep in mind the dance programs to take place. Keep music stock accordingly.
  • You can take the help of a DJ. Alternatively, you may advice him on the types of music you want, so that he can prepare the musical collection to be played.
  • Last but not the least, its your wedding after all, so sit together with your partner and decide for songs which both of you can enjoy together.

Normally, the wedding recessional has a certain order by which people exit the venue. The bride and the groom exit first. They are followed by the flower girl, ring bearer, maid of honor, and the best man. The next ones to exit are the bridesmaids and groomsmen. The bride's parents exit with mother followed by the father. The groom's parents follow the bride's parents in a similar fashion. If the bride or the groom has their grandparents, then they are escorted out after the parents. The guests then follow and start leaving the venue. The guests in the front seats exit first, followed by those sitting behind.

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