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True love comes only once in a lifetime and wedding is the celebration of this true love. Wedding unites two loving souls in the Holy matrimony, a unification which is approved by God. The feeling of getting married is a feeling that words fall short to express. So, everything about this wonderful day should be equally gorgeous. As mentioned in the Holy Bible, wedding is recognized by the church as a public affair. Hence, wedding invitations form an integral part of it. The wedding invitation gives an idea of the type of wedding ceremony that one can expect.

Before selecting the wordings for the catholic wedding invitations, it is necessary to be aware about the customs of a conventional Catholic wedding. You can easily get the information about the catholic traditions and customs along with details about the invitations from various online sites.

They would act as guidelines to sort out the best invitation cards. You can also take the help of the wedding planner to select some of the best wedding invitations. They are available in various colors, designs, and patterns. You can go in for the traditional invitation wedding card or select a modern design.

The couple should discuss with each other about their expectations regarding the invitation card. However, you should also check the wordings of the card before selecting them. You can either select them online or purchase it. These cards are to be selected well in advance and send to your wedding guests before time.

The wedding invitation wordings are the one that will give your wedding card, a unique appearance. It may seem very simple but to add uniqueness to it, is a challenging mission. When you go through the wedding card samples, then selecting one from them is quite a confusing task. You want the best, but that best may already have been selected by many. So, try to be creative in formulating your own wedding invitation wordings.

The Basic Contents of the Catholic Wedding Invitation Wording

While selecting or creating your wedding invitation wordings, make sure that you give the basic information clearly. The basic contents of the invitations are as follows.

  • Names of the bride and the groom, of course!
  • Names of the parents of the bride and the groom; some even mention the names of the grandparents
  • The name of the church or the venue, where the wedding ceremony is to occur
  • Full address of the venue; in some cases a landmark can be given
  • Day, date of the wedding with year, time
  • Some selected lines from the Holy Bible or from Shakespeare's writings about love

You can also add an extension of mentioning the invitation of the reception. It comprises of the following information.

  • Venue for reception, full address with landmark
  • Time and date of the reception

Give contact numbers of some family members and friends of yours and your number too. The intent is that in case your guests find difficulty in locating the address, then they can contact you.

Tips about Catholic Wedding Invitation Wording

  • The wordings of the wedding invitation card should reflect the personality of the couples
  • Select beautiful lines and quotations from the Holy Bible, love poems, Shakespeare's work for that added appeal
  • The wordings should be in clear good beautiful fonts for good readability
  • You can try traditional, modern, comic, romantic, or classic styles
  • The wordings can be in beautiful golden or silver outline. However, you can try other shades also
  • I would recommend that it is the best to try to be as creative as possible. Discuss with your love, and formulate some own wordings that define your relationship the best
  • Take help of some friends whose vocabulary is good and creative

A Sample of Catholic Wedding Invitation Wording


request the pleasure of your company
for their wedding celebration

Sunday the tenth of November Two thousand and ten
At four o'clock in the afternoon

St. Peter Congregational Church
9010 Deven Road
Apple Grove, California

The Reception will follow at
Lovable Hotel
2009 North Mountain
Grape Grove, California

"As soon go kindle fire with snow, as seek to quench the fire of love with words." William Shakespeare.

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