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Wedding is a lifetime opportunity. It can't be a moment which will come back again and again for a recelebration. Yes, anniversaries can be celebrated, but wedding has its own sweet flavor. People desire exclusive ways to rejoice their wedding. They plan for different wedding ideas. A wedding idea is a way of planning the wedding theme or ceremonies to give the wedding celebration a distinct look. Wedding ideas can be of celebrating a wedding in a different fashion, adding the seasonal touch, or putting small ideas in your wedding to make it feel a special moment to remember.

Unique Catholic Wedding Ideas

  • Sharing A Story: You can tell your guests to share a story or an incident about you and your partner. It can be told by a close friend or family member, who knows you well. These small moments will make you laugh or may bring tears of joy in your eyes. You will later look back to these moments and nurture them ahead in your life.
  • Taking Photos: Arrange for someone to take photos of your wedding receptions, like raising a toast, the cake cutting, the first dance etc. You can then write short thank you notes for the guests on each photo and give them. Whenever they will look at those photos, say in a get together or any anniversaries, the moment will be remembered with a smile on the face.
  • You can put your own personalized engraved monogram on the centerpiece vase or on the center flower vase. Decorate it with your favorite flowers. Choose some love lines for the wordings. It will be an eye catching and a center of attraction wedding decor. It's a personalized touch, so go ahead with this .
  • Make special arrangements to honor your mother on this special day. Make a self speech thanking her for everything she has given you so far. Make some surprises for her. Not only will she be happy but also everyone will be equally delighted due to this unique idea.
  • Catholics can get a Papal blessing from the Pope. All you have to do is ask the priest regarding whom to send an invitation card in the Vatican. You can frame the blessing text and always cherish it for a lifetime.

Seasonal Catholic Wedding Idea

Summer is a good time to get married. The bright weather, the blooming flowers, the green tender leaves, and the weather has it all for a celebration. Not only can you decorate your wedding venue but also it seems as though the entire atmosphere is decorated for you. The trees, flowers, and the children playing in the sunshine make it a joyous time to get married. Arrange for an outdoor wedding and it will be as if Mother Nature is celebrating with you.

In earlier days, it was believed that when agriculture was pretty good and the barrel and barns were full for the winter, there was enough money for a person to get wed.

Autumn carries such flavors like the fall leaves, the romantic drizzle, and the foggy night. It's a nice time to get cozy with your partner. Don't let this season go without getting married.

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