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Every culture has its own traditions and rituals to follow. However, now a days the numbers of cross-culture marriages are reaching new heights. It's truly said that love knows no boundaries. So, for those people who attend wedding functions outside their faith, a wedding program is a helpful guide for them, to understand and enjoy the ceremony.

Filipino weddings are also known by the name 'Kasalan'. They are one of the most beautiful and elaborate celebrations in the world. They honor the sanity of marriage to a great extent.

There are some beautiful rituals in a Filipino wedding. In a typical Filipino wedding the bride dresses up an entirely white wedding gown and the groom wears a traditional barong. A barong is a transparent button up shirt that a Filipino man wears on various occasions.

There are many sponsors present at a Filipino wedding as a witness. These help the couple when they are in need as they are meant for support and guidance. There are two sets of sponsors who play an active role in the ceremony. There are veil sponsors that consist of a man and a woman. One is from the bride's family and the other from the groom's family.

The groom forms cups of his hands and the bride also cups her hands under the groom's hands. The priest puts thirteen silver coins in the groom's hands and let them trickle down into the bride's hands. They fall from her palms into the plate kept below.

Yugal is a tradition wherein a silk cord is tied around the neck of the bride and the groom to form the number eight. This symbolizes unity of both families and a lifetime marital bond. Then a candle is lit. This indicates that god is present in the ceremony. After this both parents lit their sets of unity candles. Then the couple lights their unity candle from the candles that were lit by their parents.

After this the wedding march takes place. The father escorts the bride before which the best man along with the groomsmen enters. Then the groom enters with his mother. Groom's father follows them. The mother of the bride also follows the groom. Then the sponsors also march. The male sponsor is called Ninong and the female one is called Ninang.

After the march, wedding rites start. It is followed by the wedding vows and the ring ceremony.

Contents of Filipino Catholic Wedding Program

Some names have been included as examples below. You can replace the wordings and songs as per your choice to customize the program.

  • Front page: The name of bride and the groom along with date and venue of wedding is mentioned
  • Inside text

The sequence of events in the wedding ceremony is as follows.

  • Pre ceremony music by Ann Rose
      o 'Music of the Night' o 'Some Enchanted evenings'
  • The Processional
      o 'Trumpet Voluntary' by G. Klarke
  • Bride's entrance with her father
      o 'The bridal chorus' by Vangner

The Filipino sequence of marching down the to the Aisle

  • Officiant:
    Reverend Ronald Z. Sayed
  • Best woman, Lily Peter
  • Mother of the Groom, Evonn Perillo
  • Mother of the Bride, Amy Tolento
  • Female and Male Sponsors: Julia Perillo & Richard Tolentino
  • Ringbearer: Helen Perillo
  • Flower Girl: Ana Reyes
  • Bridesmaid and Groomsman: Susan Blackwell & Denis Tolentin
  • Maid of Honor: Alice Tolentino
  • Bride and Father of the Bride: Rose Tolentino & David Tolentino
  • Opening words by the priest
  • The piano piece by Antonio Richard (it is played to honor the bride and the groom)
  • The three ceremonies will take place in the order (candle, veil and cord) and would include a soft romantic background music
    • The Candle ceremony: Here the bride and the groom will light the common candle from their two separate candles, representing their unity in everything
    • The Veil ceremony: Here the mother places a veil around groom's shoulder and the bride's head. This ceremony signifies the unity of the two families along with the shared joy and responsibilities.
    • The Cord ceremony: The cord is loosely placed around the groom and the bride's neck, so that it forms the figure eight. This ceremony symbolizes the marriage as bond for a life time

After the conclusion of the three ceremonies, the officiant will read a poem about marriage 'Marriage Joins two people'

  • Ceremony of removal of Veil and Cord
  • The exchange of consent and exchange of ring ceremony
  • The closing words: Here in this part the closing words are said and the priest allows the groom to kiss the bride and their introduction as Mr. and Mrs. ( their names) to the guests present
  • The recessional
  • Post ceremony music

Contents of Last Page of Filipino Catholic Wedding Program

  • Names of family, friends and people present in the wedding march
  • A note of thanks giving can be included. It will say thanks to all the people present in the ceremony and those who were witness to the ceremony. Also mention the names near and dear ones who are not anymore. In this way, they are remembered.

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