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Catholic wedding classes are the pre-marital classes that Catholics have to attend before getting wed in the church. These classes are also termed as 'Pre-Cana' classes. The term Pre-Cana originates from the wedding feast that Jesus attended, at Cana in Galilee, where he performed the miracle of converting water to wine.

Pre-Cana classes discuss important issues regarding the meaning of marriage in the eyes of the church. Some issues are as follows - what things couples expect from marriage, issues of raising kids, family planning, joint or separate accounts of the couples etc

Characteristics of Catholic Wedding Classes

  • The pre-cana classes are spread over a period of four to six weeks. These are offered two to three times in a year
  • Registration for the classes is required. Both the bride and the groom have to attend the classes together
  • The questions asked by the priest have to be answered honestly, so that in case of some issues the priest can give the appropriate help
  • The answers may reflect wide differences of opinion between the couple. In this case, the priest will advice for a reconcile of views, else it will effect the married life later
  • The key to happy life is honesty. Be honest to yourself, your spouse, the priest, and the cana leader in the classes

Types of Catholic Wedding Classes

Online Class

  • The classes are useful for couples separated by geographical boundaries or having difficult work schedule
  • The website of United States Conference Of Catholic Bishops and Catholic Church in England and Wales features such courses.
  • Cards are accepted for payment of fees
  • There are a total of nine worksheets in the course. For details of the worksheets, visit the site
  • The duration of class is from 7 days to three months
  • Each worksheet will be reviewed within three days by the instructor
  • A maximum of two hours will be required to complete the worksheet and review the answers, respectively
  • The completion certificate will be uploaded at the end, once you finish

Live Classes

  • The live course is approved by the Archdiocese of Denver and the Colorado Springs Diocese.
  • Power Point presentation is used and it is very effective too
  • It's a two way communication between the couples and the priest and not a lecture
  • Duration is one evening per week for four weeks
  • When the class is over, a certificate of completion is made available

Some incidences before Catholic Wedding Classes

  • As soon as you have made that big decision of getting married in your life, contact your priest, and inform him of the same.
  • Give him your and your fiancee's personal details regarding both your faiths, religion, past life, opinion of marriage etc.
  • You must be prepared for the response that the priest gives you. He may ask you or your partner to abide by certain rules for getting married in the Catholic way. Listen to his suggestions.
  • For example, it's common for couples to live together before marriage. So, in this case, the priest most probably will tell you to live separately for at least six months.

Pre-Cana or pre marital counseling is the main motive of catholic wedding classes. Catholic Church has some norms and laws that are mandatory to follow if you want to get married in a church. Marriage according to the Catholic Church means that the man and the woman should be together for a lifetime as they become one flesh.

According to Jesus, divorce is not acceptable. There are other laws which state that the man and the woman should live separately for at least 6 months before marriage. This is especially applicable if you are in a living relationship.

It is important that you discuss your faiths, thought processes, etc with the priest. If he approves of this relationship, only than you can have a church wedding. Nowadays, there is so much stress in life, lifestyles have changed and some of the marriages do not last long. Ideally, marriage is a once in a life time thing and that you are expected to be with your spouse through thick and thin. This is where such classes help to solve some of your issue regarding relationships and marriage.

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